Monday, 25 January 2016


MCQ Spring Summer 2016
It's one of those exciting moments amongst the cool kids. Those jewel-like nuggets that come by the fashion industry every so often, jaws swinging news on the fashion inclined, club-kids circuit. Cult photographer Nan Goldin has teamed up with McQ for their Spring/ Summer ad campaign. Flashing her usual but potent candid style, Goldin captures the club kids of Islington's Electrowerkz in hazy, saturated moments throughout the night. A mild and fashionable nod toward her classic works throughout New York's iconic club scene in the 1970s and 1980s – and do check out The Ballad of Sexual Dependancy. If you haven't seen it, you're sure to have seen its intimate, drug-fuelled influences splashed throughout the fashion industry in tame reconstructions known as 'heroin-chic'. The McQ shots are glossy and emotionally fueled with bright, glistening eyes. Dilated. Connecting with the reader through club lights and an artful camera blur. Even the McQ logo has an intoxicating quality, with the words Alexander and the end of McQueen appearing blurred, like light moving at high speed in the nighttime. The clothes are – it seems – an afterthought. We see monochrome basics, a Tshirt a sweatshirt, with a slap of a leather jacket and the odd McQ logo. What we're being served is a lifestyle. One of pouty lips and heady nights. Hair flying to the beat of a thousand drums and synths while skin slips with sweat, glitter and perfume. Beautiful faces are reaching through the page and inviting you into their world, for a night. Celebrating fashion, music and youth.

Or so Nan Goldin's story would lead us to believe. And her talent for capturing the essence of moment, place and person have not been diluted, despite shining through a fashion lens with models she has never met. See the rest of the images HERE.