Wednesday, 27 January 2016


 Charney's famous banned American Apparel Campaigns

It looks like Dov Charney, founder of controversial retail giant American Apparel has lost out on his last chance at winning his way back into his own company. It was ruled last week by judge Brendan Shannon that the control of the company would go to senior lenders, in an attempt to once again resuscitate it from financial struggles. Charney had developed a potent reputation in the media, with stories of sexual harassment rife and a history of half naked ad campaigns – shot by Charney himself, it will be interesting to see how the company recovers.
Dov Charney
 The first impression – looking at the new campaigns being produced by the company compared with the old – is that the target market is changing. Or perhaps the brand image being offered up has been tweaked. Either way, things seem to be getting more elegant. By American Apparels standards anyway. Maybe we are being served American Apparel 2.0. The older, slightly less in your face sister. And maybe seeing the flash of a waist will work just fine. The nipples and nude, hosiery-clad teenagers disappearing with Charney and his power over his own sartorial love-child. What do you think about the changing face of the company?
American Apparel Autumn Winter 2015 Ad Campaign