Wednesday, 27 January 2016


 Charney's famous banned American Apparel Campaigns

It looks like Dov Charney, founder of controversial retail giant American Apparel has lost out on his last chance at winning his way back into his own company. It was ruled last week by judge Brendan Shannon that the control of the company would go to senior lenders, in an attempt to once again resuscitate it from financial struggles. Charney had developed a potent reputation in the media, with stories of sexual harassment rife and a history of half naked ad campaigns – shot by Charney himself, it will be interesting to see how the company recovers.
Dov Charney
 The first impression – looking at the new campaigns being produced by the company compared with the old – is that the target market is changing. Or perhaps the brand image being offered up has been tweaked. Either way, things seem to be getting more elegant. By American Apparels standards anyway. Maybe we are being served American Apparel 2.0. The older, slightly less in your face sister. And maybe seeing the flash of a waist will work just fine. The nipples and nude, hosiery-clad teenagers disappearing with Charney and his power over his own sartorial love-child. What do you think about the changing face of the company?
American Apparel Autumn Winter 2015 Ad Campaign

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2016
In relation to yesterday’s post around the Spring Summer 2016 ad campaigns and their evolving style – see MCQ LOVES NAN – here’s another striking one from the queen of shock herself. Your looking at Colby Keller. Porn Star and new face of Vivienne Westwood Spring Summer 2016. It’s part of Westwood’s Mirror The World campaign and packs a visual punch even by the designers standards. Shot around the nooks and crannies of Venice – in an aim to highlight climate change among other topics and the damage done to the city – Keller lounges against brick and ruin with crisp, knee-high Westwood boots, red, pulled over naked legs. The skin tight briefs and knitted cardigan an unexpected contrast. Using fashion as a means to draw attention to a cause in this way is, I think, quite genius. The images bring up many questions about the scene – who's in the images, why a man in womens clothing, why the seemingly random and decaying locations? – Designers like Westwood are well known for championing a cause through their designs and shows, but are we going to see other designers follow suit and a rising trend in message loaded campaigns? A habit the fashion industry can’t seem to shake [see feminism, gender blurring etc], transforming every movement of significance into a six-month comercial comodity. Does it then spread any lasting messages with its international voice in that short period or is it simply a brief flirtation for headlines sake.

Monday, 25 January 2016


MCQ Spring Summer 2016
It's one of those exciting moments amongst the cool kids. Those jewel-like nuggets that come by the fashion industry every so often, jaws swinging news on the fashion inclined, club-kids circuit. Cult photographer Nan Goldin has teamed up with McQ for their Spring/ Summer ad campaign. Flashing her usual but potent candid style, Goldin captures the club kids of Islington's Electrowerkz in hazy, saturated moments throughout the night. A mild and fashionable nod toward her classic works throughout New York's iconic club scene in the 1970s and 1980s – and do check out The Ballad of Sexual Dependancy. If you haven't seen it, you're sure to have seen its intimate, drug-fuelled influences splashed throughout the fashion industry in tame reconstructions known as 'heroin-chic'. The McQ shots are glossy and emotionally fueled with bright, glistening eyes. Dilated. Connecting with the reader through club lights and an artful camera blur. Even the McQ logo has an intoxicating quality, with the words Alexander and the end of McQueen appearing blurred, like light moving at high speed in the nighttime. The clothes are – it seems – an afterthought. We see monochrome basics, a Tshirt a sweatshirt, with a slap of a leather jacket and the odd McQ logo. What we're being served is a lifestyle. One of pouty lips and heady nights. Hair flying to the beat of a thousand drums and synths while skin slips with sweat, glitter and perfume. Beautiful faces are reaching through the page and inviting you into their world, for a night. Celebrating fashion, music and youth.

Or so Nan Goldin's story would lead us to believe. And her talent for capturing the essence of moment, place and person have not been diluted, despite shining through a fashion lens with models she has never met. See the rest of the images HERE.