Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Seasonal greetings! Hoping your christmas was fun and mad in equal parts (we like to keep it real here at Rough Dreams). I am swooping in after my festive break with a fresh, super hot collaboration between photographer Julia Dunin and myself, shot on location in a chilly corner of the west of Ireland. Working with Julia is always such a pleasure (it's so important to have good creative chemistry when working as a team) and we have developed a habit of falling into a lull of conversation on tap dispersed with many, many laughs. This also does a good job fighting off this so called 'weather bomb?!' we're apparently having in Ireland- lol to that. 

Deciding to take full advantage of the break in our positively torrential weather -which has gripped us for weeks here on the west coast of Ireland- it was a matter of brain storming locations over frothy, festive flavoured coffees.  As Julia said "the light was perfect', so an adventure was in order (really, it would have been rude not to) and our trail eventually lead us to a (what I can only describe as EPIC) quarry, which had those impressively grand and moody vibes that one might come across in a J.R.R Tolkein novel.

With a fashionably unpredictable, arctic breeze and many appreciative oohs and ahhs directed at the location choice, we trotted off to explore the 'photographers playground'- so dubbed because you can literally find a fresh location with every angle! I'm so delighted with how the shots turned out. That wild, moody vibe throughout is spot on and the americana vibe is something I'm loving right now. Something of a slightly goofy, well groomed John Wayne in the Wild West anyone? 
~ Please note my highly (UN)hilarious pun in the name of this post (since Galway, Ireland is as west as it gets and our weather is wild(ley) terrible for most of the year- bazinga!)