Sunday, 16 November 2014


"A good memory, organisational skills and many, many lists were imperative to our survival.. phew"

Hey guys! This past week I have been hopping back and forth from Galway to Dublin where I have been assisting on a photoshoot, with a theme I absolutely loved. The issue/ piece is out next month, so I'll share some juicy images and the full lowdown on my experience then, along with a few of the official shots.

Today I'm going to share some news/ updates on my current position with JOANNE HYNES and some of the bits and bobs I've got up to while helping to prepare for this project, plus some of my outfits over the few days. 

End of photoshoot smiles
To date in my position I have learnt so much, my current skills have definitely been sharpened (plus lots of new ones learnt in the process) and I have met some excellent characters so far. I've been enjoying every bit of my experience and having the opportunity to work on huge projects like the one below, are really just a nice bonus! I am of course always juggling at least 3/4 projects at any one time, so it's definitely a challenge staying on top of everything and still concentrate on RoughDreams/ having a personal life :)

If you're curious as to what I have been up to so far in my role or even if you want to follow me on this journey you can check out these links below, which are all of the platforms I am currently working from for JOANNE HYNES. (Instagram: @joannehynes) (Twitter: @joannehynes

So my adventure began on Thursday the 6th. Nov. I hopped on a bus and arrived in Dublin bright and early in time for some styling research. I was scheduled to attend a number of stores and photograph pieces in tune with the theme of our photoshoot, so that we could narrow down the infinite options. After spending two days picking through shops, I had compiled a huge collection of exciting possibilities, so then it was back to working out schedules for collecting the chosen pieces the following Monday. 

With the weekend in the bag, Monday morning had come and it was time for garment collections all over the city. Visiting the stand-out stores, I picked up all of the chosen pieces and hot-footed it to the studio for drop-offs.
Tuesday morning/ Shoot day: As expected, shoot day started with a very early start. I stopped off to collect a few last pieces on my way to the studio, where full preparation would commence for the day ahead. It was a literal storm outside the studio- with complementary torrential rain, which heightened the cosy atmosphere in the studio and really set the mood. 
This time round, I was working with some familiar faces but also some new ones too and the whole team was fantastic with some brilliant characters. I found that it really was as fun as it was fulfilling working on this particular project- which I loved the direction of from the very beginning (I think you guys are going to love this one too!) and I can't wait to share it with you guys.

After the day was done, and all were happy with what was produced, it was time to start packing up plus staying on until late in the evening to check everything was in order and ready to be dropped back the following day. Now at this stage, when I say there were lists coming out of our ears, it's the understatement of the century- This project was on such a big scale & the pieces were far-far from Pennies finest, so a good memory, organisational skills and many, many lists were imperative to our survival.. phew

Finally, it was time for drop-backs. A day that is wrapped in relief and tension in equal measure. Tension, because you have one billion things to remember (nope, that's not actually an exaggeration) and relief because each bag that is returned and ticked off is a ten tonne weight off your shoulders. YAY!

And the end result?.. A resounding success!
Happy people all-round and an exciting editorial loaded up and ready to fire for December- YES!!

I hope you enjoyed this edition of my 'Behind The Scenes' series. 
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Shoot ideas/ Studio
On Research duty

Garment Collection Duty
Shoot Day Practical Attire

Joanne's Gorgeous Detachable  Collars onset