Friday, 17 October 2014


"Kind of like gazing into a sartorial crystal ball and seeing the authentic happenings behind a the all important staged result."

For me, the words behind-the-scenes hold a large pinch of excitement. I'm not sure if it is because it feels like we're getting to see something we're not supposed to- like some inappropriate fashion flasher- or if it is simply that feeling of getting the 'real' experience. Kind of like gazing into a sartorial crystal ball and seeing the authentic happenings behind the all important staged result. Either way, getting to peek at the cogs and screws of the magazine machine always lures me in, like some gullible water dweller looking for its next meal (delightful-I know).

On that note, I thought it would be fun to open up the window on an awesome production I had the pleasure of assisting on last month while working with Joanne Hynes

Having a good thorough look at what really goes on behind the glossy images and carefully selected fonts which collectively create the enigmatic visual splendour of 'The Editorial' is I think what give the images their 'life force' and credibility.

So, after many a snooping session looking at the mechanics of other creative productions across the Arts spectrum and I have decided to bring you my own version of events. 
Which, all put together resulted in the the heavily embellished, supercharged photo shoot- JEWEL CONTROL -which you can get the full official lowdown on >>>here...<<<.

I seriously had an awful lot of fun on this particular project, I got to work with a really cool, hard working team who were quick to laugh and even faster at pulling out all the stops to make something visually awesome. It was pretty much a case of letting off bombs of creativity at every turn and exhausting every avenue until everyone was happy. All of this, was of course combined with a lot of laughs and a little bit of marvelling at the insane amount of, well, everything on hand for this one production- less is more was not an option, much to my delight!

My morning started early (of course) as I set off for Grafton Street, Dublin to wait for Brown Thomas to open it's doors. Once inside, it was off to the incredible shoe department (think art deco meets the shoe-drobe of your dreams) to collect some last minute pieces for the shoot. Bags of shoes in tow, it was time to head over to the location- D Light Studios -to get stuck in. The day consisted of many-many outfit changes (all embellished to the teeth <3), while we flitted between the studio and the city scape outside so that photographer Lee Malone  could shoot each look. After a long very successful day, things were on a high and it was time to start packing up the incredible expanse of pieces provided for the occasion.

Getting to meet such a great team has left me feeling very grateful for the experience and being surrounded by the most insane clothing, accessories and shoes certainly left me with a smile on my face :)

So please, sit back and enjoy your very own behind the scenes experience. Brought to you by a magpie-eyed, excessively enthusiastic studio/ photographers assistant (on that day at least) who managed to get their camera lens just about everywhere.. <3

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I hope you enjoy the shots and a very happy Friday to you all.


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