Tuesday, 16 September 2014


"but I feel it is only now that the elusive bellbottom is coming into it's own, working their way onto the 'hotlist of popular culture' again, after years of shunning from the likes of 'Skinny' and 'Boyfriend'."

Touching on the subject of 'Flares. That all important word which has been treasured and loathed in equal measure for the current generations of 'The Nearly Grown up's' or the 20-somethings generation to be more precise. Their place in the 'cringing memories' of our Millennium youth have been a ripe and lasting reminder of what can happen when a tween gets their hands on a well formed Trend and proceeds to exercise it into the stale oblivion of the Trend Boneyard. It's a simple fact of life that when the 'pre-youths' finally come to terms with an idea, it is promptly morphed into a layer-cake of extremes- in this case perhaps; a denim flares and matching jacket ensemble, suitable pastel rhinestone embellishment, the obligatory pink lensed diamante sunglasses (preferably heart shaped) and of course the all important platform trainer a la Spice Girls (credit where it's due, this shoe choice is making a come back under the stealthy guise of a new name: see 'Flatform').

So for a time, the polar opposite was a necessity for a balance of ideals and so came forth the prevalent Skinny Jean/ any material they could think of. This took pride of place for any clothing, meant to be worn below the bellybutton- skinny/ slim fit/ straight cut- these became the be all and end all for our general leg covering needs. Now don't get me wrong, even after the many seasons of this especially regurgitated trend, the slim fit variety still hold a place in my heart. Especially for casual wear, where it is a rare opportunity to find me in anything but some skinnies, biker boots and a favourite Tee pilfered from my other half. 

However 'on duty' is another matter entirely, which calls for another wardrobe- entirely. I for one have been haphazardly balancing on the sartorial fence, somewhere between my phobia/ disdain of culottes (also having a moment, which I am ducking and diving from)and a reluctance to wear garments of the skirt variety unless I'm going 'out-out'. Finding myself in the sparsely populated village of Cigarette pants and Silk trousers, which is familiar and perhaps a little safe, but still all well and good in theory.

But we find ourselves yearning; yearning for something we can't put our fingers on. Then it hits: The Denim Flare and if not denim then perhaps at least a silk or corduroy version of the wide leg variety. You see Denim is that cool cousin you always want to talk to at awkward family get-togethers. That dab hand, that turns over done into just..Cool (You will notice that's cool with a capital C, the cool of the peace loving 70's NOT the noughties generation text talk).

^^ See above for some 'Flare-spiration' ^^ 
Flares seem to be few and far between on the high street right now but I've put together some of my favourite shapes available right now.
~ Rachel Zoe Chord Flares ~ Asos Taylored Flares ~ 
~ Burberry Chelsea ~ Theyskens' Theory Flared Chord ~ 
~ Burberry Harwood ~ Rachel Zoe Hutton ~

Now for the trouser loving sort (me included) there needs to be that all important bridge, a bridge between eccentricity and authenticity, when a need for flaunting your fashion feathers is imminent. A bridge which ties our pink fluffy clutch our favourite faded, grey Nirvana tee and this vital connection that's been eluding us for our sprucey events, I think, is none other than the flare. 

Designers have tried to win us round in previous seasons to slim reactions, but I feel it is only now that the elusive bellbottom is coming into it's own, working their way onto the 'hotlist of popular culture' again, after years of shunning from the likes of 'Skinny' and 'Boyfriend'. 

So rejoice, the 'Flare' has finally overcome it's millennium demons, to wrap us up in a whole new cut and wash like some testy hair cut from some long forgotten styling catalogue...

Will you be joining the Flare Philosophy?

Peace out,