Wednesday, 3 September 2014


 There's a bustling week of fashion ahead in the form of the elaborate Dublin Fashion Festival.
As you might have heard, this week sees the the kick off of the fourth annual Dublin Fashion Festival, a long weekend of live fashion events and interactive in-store activities for fashion enthusiasts and shopaholics alike.

I'll be attending the Young Designer of the Year and the Creative Quarter Fashion Shows on Thursday and Friday. An excellent reason to shed my black skinnies and hit the town for some high impact activities. I'm still deciding on what to wear, mulling over some sport-lux teal trousers (a recent H&M purchase) or a collection of dresses stored away for this shape of occasion, although I haven't decided on either bringing me to that scary territory of outfit limbo. 

On the other hand there is the possibility that I fast track it to Pennies in a last minute frenzy, trying on half the shop before finally deciding on something I already own in a different shade. Because that is my annoying shopping signature, last minute fallbacks on old favourites with a total disregard for the idea that our wardrobe should change remotely season to season, typical :)

Now for those of you hoping to attend the DFF, I thought I'd share the weekend Schedule which is jammed with activities all over Dublin. I would recommend pre-planning the events you want to attend, as there is so much going on all over the city, it would be easy to miss out on your favourites.

Hope to see you guys there

Peace out,