Monday, 14 July 2014


"On Monday, I started my new role as head of Social Media for non other than the very cool JOANNE HYNES."

Happy Sunday guys, 
I just got back from a lovely two weeks spent with my family in Mojacar, Spain. We we're visiting my Nana Brenda who's lived there for as long as I can remember and it's something we've been doing as a family since we we're tiny things :).. It's always the most amazing time full of great food (Nana and Granddad ran a restaurant), laughs and all the other excellently exaggerated holiday necessities like Ice-creams for breakfast.

Evenings generally consist of us getting over dressed and swanning around in the balmy evenings, drinking G&T's- Nana's speciality and plenty of cute little bars to enjoy cocktails of impressive magnitude. In this post I've included all of my outfits during my stay including day time outings and evening get togethers.

Now if you follow Rough Dreams on Facebook (if not, you can check it out HERE!) I mentioned that I've had some exciting news. Before I went away I had an interview for a position with a fashion house I have a great respect and love for and in the days before I flew out was in full training for this exciting new endeavour. 

On Monday, I began my new role as head of Social Media for non other than the very cool JOANNE HYNES, So far I'm really enjoying adjusting to the new role and learning the ins and outs of this creative company and I can't wait to develop my skills as I set out on this new journey.

Stay tuned to Rough Dreams on Instagram and Twitter to follow my story on this new adventure.

Peace out,