Monday, 28 July 2014


"I will confess I loitered around to poke curtains and sniff soaps for longer than was strictly necessary."
A little gem that fell through the cracks of my writing desk, a delicious Macaroon shaped gem that starts while in Paris back in May, when I took a trip to Laduree on Champs Elysees terrifying Insta frenzy anyone?.. 

It was a place reminiscent of some idealistic fairytale before the inevitable baddie paints everything with a dark cloud and well.. I was suitably bombarded with extravagance on hyper drive! Make no mistakes pals, you won't find any expectation spoilers here, in the home of impeccable staff who seem to materialise from walls and foreign steamy beverages served in solid silver teapots..swoon 
(Eh did I really just say swoon?!) Yes, yes it seems I did. 
Laduree Is somewhere, that for me has been painted into a kind of macaroon loving Disney World for the cake connoisseurs/ pastry gobblers among us, so I had some well shaped expectations to tick off my list

  • Queues going out the door (it was Saturday after all)
  • More macaroon flavours than you can shake a stick at
  • The Menu- minds were made up and changed at length
  • Cake Displays to knock you on your ass.

The list was entirely surpassed- put to shame even and not on the list but worth a mention were the bathrooms, which were some of the nicest I've seen, sporting old brass taps, gigantic pink doors and mirrors coating every wall. I will confess I loitered around to poke curtains and sniff soaps for longer than was strictly necessary.

I've added a photo diary in here, because words alone don't do it justice (also because it's Laduree and not taking photos would be blasphemous).

Peace out,