Monday, 9 June 2014


"Cue the stream of friendly Africans selling thousands of miniature Eiffel Towers and more SLR clad Japanese tourists than you can shake a stick at."

All things considered, the entire weekend I spent in Paris was a birthday celebration type thing. But the second day we arrived was my official anniversary for popping up on our planet, so, on that day, plans of action were beginning to feel a little weighted. To combat this, a decision was made- no we're not going to attempt to tick every whimsical location off my to-do-list- but instead pace ourselves and stagger the birthday plans throughout the weekend, to this I certainly wasn't complaining. 
So decidedly, on the day in question we settled on going for a walk, but when I say walk you'd be forgiven for thinking that I am far more easily entertained and contented than previous experience suggests- and this is not (always) the case. This particular walk was, in it's entirety,  probably the grandest and most exciting one I've been on for sometime (sorry Galway Bay). 
We started our adventure on foot, hopping off the tube at the Franklin D. Rossevelt Metro, right into the heart of Champs Elysees. Since I had only explored our local area Montmartre so far, my socks were pretty much knocked into next week with the grandeur of this place. Everything was huge- trees, buildings, roads, parks- or maybe it was me who was small? Either way I felt like an ant (albeit a very happy, well dressed ant) and the first task was to work out which direction we should be going- since we we're presented with the choice of 6 giant roads (and some smaller ones) and couldn't seem to see ANY street signs! But crises averted, with our expert maps skills (hem) and a lot of help from our lonely planet guide, we were finally off on the right path.

Deciding that The Obelisque, Tuileries and Louvre would be an ideal pitstop tour (which is a straight line right to the centre of Paris) we were on our way to do some clever, cluster sight seeing, which I spoke about in my The Dissection of Paris post HERE
Nutella crepes in hand, we walked through a collection of beautiful parks while people watching and pigeon dodging and eventually arrived at Place de la Concorde. 
-Now I won't bog you guys down with to many names and locations, but if you're a fashion enthusiast, this is a good area to familiarise yourself with as not only are you a stones throw from The Tuileries Gardens (hello PFW street style) but also the very high end and very impressive Rue Saint Honore. A street which holds nearly every major Fashion Label in it's ranks from Chanel to YSL and D&G and is also home to my new favourite store &OtherStories, which I spent a good five hours in and I'm not even sure if that's an exaggeration!! So Place de la Concorde is definitely a fashion hotspot. -

Arriving at our first stop, The Obelisque is an Egyptian inspired monument and it was of course extremely touristy (even in the rain, like that particular day) but we had fun getting some snaps in front of the Fontaine des Fleuves which you'll see in this post, and then moved into The Tuileries for some flower smelling and relaxation. The gardens are large with lots of water features and unusual statues, but my favourite part was that you could spot Parisians all over the place, just sitting around and generally enjoying the area, something I hadn't expected with the level of visitor traffic that it's notorious for. 

At the opposite end of the park is the entrance to The Louvre, cue the stream of friendly Africans selling thousands of miniature Eiffel Towers and more SLR clad Japanese tourists than you can shake a stick at. Busyness aside, the actual building was pretty amazing, with a looming quality to it and what seemed like a thousand stories to tell. Filling up on nostalgic and delightfully cliched snaps of us 'holding' the Louvre Pyramid and oohing and ahhing at the architecture in the fading sunlight, finally it was time to shuffle on for some birthday dinner in a favourite local Thai restaurant, of which I am still pining over...

I'm wearing:
Cigarette pants and Varsity jacket both Topshop
Grey Cami, Lace bralette, Bart Simpson socks and nude bag all from Pennies
Patent brogues from Newlook

 Peace out,