Monday, 12 May 2014


"It battles the elements like some epic hair god and leaves me looking less 'pampered poodle' more Cher a la 1970s."
Original image by Saibh Egan Photography  minus cucumber of course.

Since it's that tricky time of the year here in Ireland, when most of the world is preparing for the summer season and we are waiting with bated breath (ultra sarcasm) for our weather to stop hurling Atlantic storms at us (I think even The National Geographic may be impressed by Irelands capacity for extremes- torrential rain/ sun/ hailstones all in 24 hours) and give us our 3-4 weeks of 'Summer'. I'm predicting a warm front around Exam time (thank you students) so until then I'm using some precautionary measures.

You see when I'm not being an expert Meteorologist (hem hem), I'm working out ways to distract myself from our unpredictable and chilly climes and this usually involves a pamper treatment of some kind. Now I'm talking less caviar facials, more bath bombs and old faithfuls like Montagne Jeunesse face masks, since our skin can suffer with the assorted weather conditions and also because a little pick-me-up can go a long way, it's during these times I think it's extra important to be kind to our bodies inside and out.

Now I'm a girl who loves to master the foundations before moving on the the fun stuff like make up and hair styling, so my top rule is to care for your base- if you want that flawless complexion or the super-sleek, straight hair it all starts with a healthy, well prepped 'canvas'. I love using intensive conditioners and oils such as Argan or coconut on my hair, which I usually do 3 to 4 times a week to keep it hydrated and healthy and for the perfect base to any make up, I'll do a scrub then move on to a cleanse, tone and moisturise, this leaves my skin clear, happy and ready to take on whatever the day throws at me. 

Which brings me to my selected treats for the month- Something that my hair has been thanking me for greatly is this James Brown 'Rich Moisture' Shampoo and conditioner, my hair is quite fine and VERY prone to humidity induced frizz (think Monica after her 'shell braids') plus I've been growing it out for about two years now which means, well, there is a lot more of it! I'm always looking for products that agree with my high maintenance hair type but also don't break the bank and in these babies, I think I've found it! Not only does it make my hair incredibly silky (esp after heat styling) but it battles the elements like some epic hair god and leaves me looking less pampered poodle more Cher a la 1970s (perfection).
To accompany these is my absolute favourite face scrub, I've been using this St.Ives Apricot scrub since I was about 16 and I can tell you it does not get old. Although my skin requirements have changed a lot since then, this is one product I keep coming back to time and time again, it's my recipe for super soft, dewy skin- prepping it for anything from a bare-face day to an all out make up regime and it also comes in 'blemish fighting' and 'sensitive' for those of you with varied skin requirements. So basically a total must have in my beauty books.

Finally, on my quest of pick-me-ups, some pieces that I am a little smug about, as I snagged these beauties in the Topshop/ Topman sale. I am always a huge fan of the 'Freedom Jewellery' collections and their seasonal sales are a must for finding little treasures or for that last minute outfit topper, I'll be pairing mine with some grey cigaret pants (also Topshop), a smart t-shirt and my patent brogues (sans socks of course).

Peace out,