Thursday, 24 April 2014


"The 'blogisphere' is like an uncharted universe glistening in its opulence, revelling in its divinity"

Hey guys,
So sorry it's been so long since I've updated my blog, it was sort of a matter of self discovery and all those idealistic phrases. Life and it's tendencies was certainly an adventure of grandiose proportions last year with many ups and downs (a bit like a scenic roller coaster) and a good helping of the unexpected.
 Things are certainly feeling like they're back on track now, Spring is creeping in, along with excitement for the new fashion season ahead (one of my favourite times of the year) and these days that of course includes the designers extravagant showcases, but also what direction the -one for all, all for one hub- that is the social media (THE DIY style industry) is travelling toward. It is now not just about what type of new trend-driving, innovation Alexander Wang has thought up of or what kind of alter-runway-universe Karl decides to create, no, because now we have a whole new movement (a sub movement- if you will) to keep our beady eyes tuned on. 

The evolution of bloggers, specifically fashion/ lifestyle bloggers as a sartorial might and a force to be reckoned with has grown from strength to strength. So as a new season dawns, here I am off to indulge in my favourite blogs, following the spontaneous trips abroad, influential dinners and of course the way in which their style and garment choices are evolving for the coming climate and catwalk trends. The 'blogisphere' is like an uncharted universe glistening in its opulence, revelling in its divinity, presenting theses aesthetically pleasing characters who, creating wonderful stories with their words and ideas have brought forth a whole new reality for us to explore- a space I love to immerse myself in when I want to turn off the real world.

Since I have recently been getting reacquainted with my photoshop skills, I've been toying around with techniques and thought it would be a good idea to start compiling my style influences or 'Current Crushes' from the blogging world into mood boards, so I can easily reflect back and find them all in one place (plus did I mention, I find the making of these mood boards a sincerely therapeutic practice? Which always helps the motivation process). Up above is my first attempt, I think for next time there will be a few tweaks as I broaden my skills but I'm reasonably happy with the finished piece and excited about the future of this project.

I hope you guys like it and had a happy easter,

Peace out,