Monday, 4 November 2013


"These Russian Sartorialists- who are fast developing a reputation as tyrannical trendsetters."

Celebrating the decadent personal style of Russia's fashion elite brings me no end of joy. I have already spoken about the pint sized force of nature  Mira Duma in last years 'Fashion Week Edit' and the sovereign starlet Ulyana Sergeenko, who designs Couture and often wears her extravagant creations on the fashion week streets and now I've decided to touch base on the lady who lives the fairytale life.

She's a model, style icon, wife to a billionaire and residing in a house fit for a queen, realistically I'm not even sure if miss Perminova's life might surpass even that of Cinderella's tale. This lady lives an incredibly whimsical life, filled with chauffeurs, private jets and a wardrobe filled with complete runway looks fresh of the catwalk each season, which she insightfully shares with us through her official instagram, which is an amazing insight into the opulent world she leads. 

Now with all this being said, we all no that no matter the bank balance, money can't buy style (or class) so Elena's eclectic, chic way of putting herself together is all her own and I commend her for it. Flawlessly toting new trends and always mixing things up, playing it safe is just not an option, especially for these Russian Sartorialists- who are fast developing a reputation as tyrannical trendsetters. 

Some have been skeptical, dubbing them as ostentatious and attention seeking, 
which are relevant points in the world of fashion, where over exposure is rife and the idea of being -god forbid- 'try hard' is the biggest taboo you can come by. But for me I disagree with the naysayers- If you can't wear full couture, catwalk looks and total opulence at fashion week, then where can you? Anna Dello Russo is well known for following along the same lines, the only difference is she is considered cooky "oh good aul , I'm thinking it will just take a little more time. They're fast becoming the most recognisable figures at fashion month for good or for bad and I don't think the Mademoiselles of Moscow are going anywhere anytime soon.

Elena and The RFM (Russian Fashion Maffia)

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