Friday, 8 November 2013


"The brighter side to this tale is the movement it birthed, Heroin chic and a grunge style two"

Nan Goldin is a woman shrouded in mystery and twisted stories of underground party culture. She's a photographer who lives her work and can certainly shock a crowd which is something she's really good at. Portraying raw and exposed scenes of people being human, I mean really human. In her famous piece 'The Ballad Of Sexual Dependancy' published in 1986, we see frequent drug use, turbulent couples and moments of Nan herself in various stripped back scenarios, all viewed from a fly on the wall perspective. This particular work does have a somewhat melancholy ending with most of Goldin's subjects passing by the 90's from their lifestyle choices.
The brighter side to this tale is the movement it birthed, Heroin chic and a grunge style two iconic scenes that have gone on to be imitated and glorified throughout the fashion industry since, granted with some negative repercussions, but from an artistic point of view they're iconic pinpoints in cultures great timeline.

This particular shoot is Nan's beautiful take on fashion, using Rodarte's archives from years gone by and keeping her same nonchalant, eerie style this really is a match made in heaven. For me it's the tones and moods of these photos that really get me, I believe this story they're telling me which leaves me full of questions, a talent Nan Goldin has honed and perfected like no other.

Another interesting fact about this shoot is the brunette model Carrie Anne Burton is the very same lady I had the pleasure of working with for my shoot with Sirona Boutique for Life Magazine!- which you can see here-
What a small world this is sometimes

I hope you like the shoot and if your interested, do read up on Nan who has a fantastic story worth listening to.

Peace out,