Monday, 28 October 2013


Hello  dear readers,
My apologies for the drought of posts recently, 2013 has certainly had its share of unexpected experiences, which has been progressive but meant that most of my hobbies were placed on hold accompanied of course by a cheesy jingle as a distraction.

I had an unexpectedly awesome day on Wednesday, it started with a call from my dear friend Leah who was minus one piece of arm candy for an exciting fashion show and kindly invited me along.
The show was Umit Kutluk's first ever solo presentation, a gorgeous AW/13 Ready to Wear and Couture extravaganza. 

 It was a gorgeous morning, Leah and I were staggering up Merrion Square all giggles and excessive layers in search of the venue and arrived 5 minutes late but in good time, this is fashion after all. We're warmly greeted on arrival, along with offers of fresh rose tea in tall glasses and coloured crystals of mouth watering turkish treats.
Ushered in to the main show room, we were greeted by a stunning space that practically glistened in it's opulence. The atmosphere was serene and calm but so inviting at the same time, a tangled old tree stood at one end of the room and a group of polite and attentive photographers at the other. It was nearly time for the show to start so we had our outfits photographed before taking our seats and getting our camera phones at the ready.

After the show we had an interview on our thoughts for the collection, wanting three words we would use to describe the collection and what was our favorite look. I said Ornate, Siren and 'to die for' (ok more than 3 woops) and pinned my heart to a slinky scarlet trench. These pieces were so feminine and so sexy but so powerful at the same time. Classic shapes re-worked with lace, leather, feathers, fur, every texture you can imagine all rolled up into beautifully clever pieces that adore the those who wear them. My favorite, not one of the toe clenching-ly impressive gowns, but a Scarlet, satin trench coat (seen in the third image down- sorry for the blur!) that was the kind of piece which would bring a smile to your face every time it was pulled from your closet.

Once we'd had our fill of tea and treats, we collected our goody bags (little bags of excitement, gotta love them)- and marched off for a much needed brunch consisting of discussing the show, crepes and cappuccinos in Lemon cafe. Deciding that we hadn't had our fill of extravagance just yet, we moved on to window shopping, two days before payday with mid-season sales, which is definitely a mildly frustrating experience. While drooling over all the things we couldn't afford and nursing fine food babies we managed to get stopped for a street style snaps outside Topshop (oh the smugness), which will be featured in the Irish Daily Mail.

So delighted with ourselves, off we went to catch our bus with weary feet and thoughts of movies and comfy clothes for the evening ahead.

Peace out,