Wednesday, 30 October 2013


"Think 'blurry, dead-flower prints' or 'dreamy, dark florals' putting it more romantically."

So today I thought I'd share my high street picks for autumn/winter.
These are all the pieces I'm drooling over right now but basically can't afford so I'm dreaming/ writing about them instead- a very effective technique I swear! 
I've got a lot of Zara in there, Every season they floor me with the cuts, prints and quality of the pieces and I have a growing collection of their shoes which are always bang on trend and comfortable- an unexpected bonus.

Filling in the gaps are Topshop's best bits and some Isabel Marant pour H&M, the hottest collaboration of the year. I for one can't wait for the collection to drop in November, I've always had a healthy respect for Isabel, her attitude towards fashion is refreshing and her approach to design intelligent and so relevant. Coining many of our modern favorites such as the the wedge sneaker and THAT fringed boot she understands the fine line between cool and natural, which is one of my old favorites.

I think texture wise this season I'm all velvets, metallics and suedes- old school luxury meets new school cool, fringing's also a winner and of course mon cher ami- embellishment, a love affair I developed while spending a year working for a wonderful little vintage store called Public Romance, which I still have very fond memories of.

Foot wear-wise I'm as predictable as ever, a pointed toe here a suede boot there, the metallics being the foreign tourist trying to settle in amongst old friends. I've also been dabbling with (wearable) heels and fast becoming a fan of the block-heel boot combo teamed with jeans. The beauty of this is I can keep my paired-back, tomboy style while still ticking the 'smart, grown-up, -means business' boxes- awesome.

For my colour pallet I'm feeling the tones from the 'dark romance' trend, the popularity of which seems to be growing quickly amongst the high street giants. Think 'blurry, dead-flower prints' or 'dreamy, dark florals' putting it more romantically. The first one may not sound as inviting, but for me, is definitely a more accurate and understandable description of the trend. The idea of waltzing around like some beautiful, gothic, hippy (I'm thinking the adams family meets folk) in crimsons, plums and burgundies, I have to say, gets me so excited for the coming season.

What will you guys be wearing/ loving this autumn/ winter?

Peace out,