Monday, 15 April 2013


-Good evening folks-

Apologies for my absence, sometimes the monotonies of life can distract from the far more pleasurable activities I would prefer to spend my time on, but alas some things must be done.

This week im giving you a little behind the scenes insight into the photo shoot I was styling for Life magazine which comes with the Sunday Independent. 

Once again I was working with fellow stylist and long term friend Byron Yeates and the Sirona team- Lesley owner and director at Sirona boutique and Julianne Henley- make up extraordinaire.
For this project we were working with excellent Dublin based photographer Sean Jackson in his gorgeous studio on south William street. 
Sean has an eerie quality to his work with his subjects projecting individual and distinct characters and I have to say for me the style is absolute perfection! This day was also very enjoyable as not only did we have some amazing final images to choose from thanks to our striking model Carrie-Ann but also the entire team's thought process and creative vision was entirely in-synch which is a beautiful thing and very hard to come by.

I cannot wait to share the final results of the shoot (which will be released sometime in May) but until then here are some behind the scenes featuring the brillant team at work and some sneaky previews of our chosen outfits.

I hope you like them and apologies for the poor picture quality which suffered due to the use of an Iphone and a shaky hand :)

Our station

'Conscious jewelry' 
each of these pieces is sustainable, ethical and awesome!
The most amazing thing is each piece has a special back story of how it was made and sourced from the beads seen at the front made from rolled and compacted paper to the bangles being made from salvaged cow horns!

Vegan handbags

A little outfit preview- Vintage leather chanel waistcoat from the 90's, 1980's Versace handbag, Sirona's trademark plaited scarf from Lisa Shawgi and some gorgeous prints from Natalie B Coleman.

Lesley getting a touch up with Julianne <3 p="">
Team decisions on hair

First look of the day, that coat was like an intricate and intelligent puzzle- everyone adored it!

Love this pose and outfit, that is a vintage Celine silk blouse draped over the shoulders

One of my favorite looks of the day, so excited for this one- think sport meets luxury meets street.

Ta-ta from me and Byron
Until next time cats,
Peace out,