Friday, 8 March 2013


-Happy Friday all-

So last week i ventured out to Tabitha hq, home of Tabitha Vintage, Tabitha Magazine, Shane O'Connor Photography and Sketchy Inc. There was many a chat and laugh to be had but i was actually on a mission you see. The lovely Tabi girls Una and Louise request the use of my little face for the new Tabitha vintage lookbook. This was my second time featuring for T.V (ah Tabitha Vintage ya see what i did there) and each time i work with these guys i literally laugh from begining to end. Needless to see when the call came i was more than a little excited meet up again and this time in the bonafied new Tabi hq (which really is beyond trendy- yes i just said trendy).

The images have now gone live on the website, so i thought i would share them with you and theres even a little screenshot of me on the website Above :)

Lots more exciting posts coming you're way over the next few weeks so stay tuned yippee...

 Peace out,