Wednesday, 13 February 2013


"Lets face it, Valentines day has been wrung out of all the romance and important stuff and instead been bloated with thoughts of spending and extravagance."

-Greetings Rough Dreamers-
Since it's a Valentines type week I thought I'd do a Rough Dreams guide to get you through the day (for ladies AND gentlemen). 
Because lets face it, Valentines day has been wrung out of all the romance and important stuff and instead been bloated with thoughts of spending and extravagance. I think we have forgotten the beauty of the day and more importantly what Valentines day is really about- Love, Lust, Lay-ins and Laughter with your chosen homo sapien.

In this post I have created visual guides to all manner of Vday style things, from what to eat and easy home-made gifts to fun activities outside the world of cinemas and restaurants.
In addition to all that fun, I've put together a GIANT fashion, colour story for some inspiration as to what to wear on the day and of course a mood board packed with pretty alternative lingerie choices incase you're tired of the usual saucy combo. 

Above is my Valentines mood-board to get us started,
Enjoy. X

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First things first
 -The lie-in-
An integral part of the day including plenty of snuggling.
(I myself am working on Thursday, so I'll be missing this great section) but for all you lucky, loved up souls this is one of the best parts of the day.

-The breakfast- 
This can be a tricky one as eating in bed can be hazardous at best, crumbs and spillage = romance killer. It can also be a stress working out what cuts the line between making an effort but not turning it into a chore. 
Finding a happy medium between The breakfast of champions (coffee and cigaretts) and the extravagant pink spread below is key. So if you find yourself stuck for ideas have a look at the following ideas for breakfast awesomeness.

^^Tasty examples^^ 
Granola and smoothies, fruit salad and coffee combo, strawberries for dipping (candle-light optional) or something a little more indulgent- fancy coffee and assorted treats such as cupcakes or croissants.

"If you're going to do it, do right" if you're in the mood go healthy with the food and then quite simply drink marshmallows topped with chocolate, excuse being- chocolate is an aphrodisiac of course.

-The Flowers-
Now this is a tradition I can get on board with, fresh flowers are a beautiful thing and worth more than chocolates and wine, they're also the best last minute gift to pull you out of hot water if the situation arises. This year I'm really loving the idea of dried flowers (roses in particular) as an alternative, beautiful to look at and heres the kicker- they last indefinitely so you can keep on enjoying them all year long!

-The Activities-
Now this took some pondering on my part, since everybody enjoys different things and I didn't want to include activities that involved spending lots of money (hello hot air balloons and horseback riding at sunset) so I came up with things that included relaxation and quality time that I think you might like.
Just add hot water and scented candles for an hour well spent.

Anything from a walk in the woods/ beach to skinny dipping depending on your mood, can result in great memories and plenty of laughs.

Should be done at regular intervals in various places throughout the day, because what's better than a cuddle?

Playing with fire-
No, not literally playing with fire :) but fire is something that always creates an atmosphere. 
Beach bonfires, sky-lanterns or just sitting infront of your fire with a bottle of wine are all winners in my book. 

Above and beyond-
Go the extra mile in thoughtful ways, like little love notes or simply staying in bed all day. Little extras out of the ordinary are what makes the day special.

Cheese and wine boards-
To be done by candle light in a casual and nonchalant manner, if cheese isn't your thing eating anything accompanied by candle light and alcohol always does the trick.

The perfect way to end the entertaining activities of the day, 
projector optional and awesome!

-The Fashion-
This bit's for the girls, unless you guys enjoy wearing pretty things of course!
My huge fashion mood-board (rainbow coordinated for your enjoyment, I might add) is sure to help you in the quest for the perfect getup for the day. Think easy going, light silhouettes with a feminine twist, pastel colours optional of course.

-The Gift-
Now, finding good, homemade gifts was a small challenge, 
however challenge accepted! 
Below is more of a personal favorite, how awesome is that mug!?  
But moving on from such self involved matters leaves us with some sweet little pressies that I think most would be pretty pleased with. There's even some easy wrapping ideas, yep gotta love the rustic wrapping.

Homemade candles and a peppermint hot chocolate mix-
Both can be google searched for simple directions.

Homemade puzzle cookies and homemade Baileys-
Any fun cookie shapes are a winner, to be used with your favorite biscuit recipe.

For the Baileys here's an awesome recipe I found on the great Lynne Knowlton blog.
13 oz Vodka
1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 pint Table Cream
2 Tbsp Nestle Liquid Chocolate Syrup
Throw all those ingredients in a blender. Mix well.

Rustic wrapping-
Using simple things like grease proof paper, brown package wrapping and rough twine can be complemented by bright cut-outs and ribbon to leave you with a somewhat presentable gift with little time and money spent- thrifty! (I cant believe I just used that word, I am THE premature pensioner)

-Setting the Scene-
Eating outdoors/ on your floor, candles/ mood lighting, wine, fresh flowers, movies/ music- all easy ways of having a lovely evening without even leaving your own home, Tadah!

-The Food-
Sweet or savoury, food is a sensual thing we all love. Here are my favorite, romantic food groups perfect for a Valentines at home.
Savoury sensation-
Steak and red wine dinner, homemade pizza, Wine with all the trimmings (meat, cheese, fruit, nuts, olives) and Sushi, to be fed to each other from a shared platter to add some class to your night.

Sweet splendors-
Some delicious things to be eaten anytime- dark chocolate brownies, smoothies, waffles, cupcakes, pancakes (heart-shaped is optional), chocolate strawberries, dried-berries, raspberries, Black cherries, blood oranges and pomegranate...phew.

-The Lingerie-
I have collected an assortment of frilly, lacy undergarments ideas with a slight twist on your usual valentines getup. 1950's shapes to flatter, contrasting colours of cream, rose and scarlet and a less obvious approach to seduction are sure to please you both. 

-The GIFs-
And finally some love related GIF's to entertain you after the very serious business of Valentines day planning, gotta love the GIF.
Mr. Burns knows how to spend it!

From the lovely movie "Up".

aww.. cuddle :)

Self explanatory...

Its the love hypnotizer!
 Point at any love interest for instant results. You see a deadly weapon for the lovely singletons was always a great idea.

Goodnight from me and spongebob Mwah.
I hope you enjoyed the Rough Dreams guide to Valentines.

Peace out,