Saturday, 19 January 2013


Hello and a happy Friday to you guys, 
I hope your week was nice to you and you have plans of great proportions for the weekend!

Tonight I thought I'd share a shoot from quite a while back while i was still living in Galway, being another of my collaborative works with Saibh Egan Photography and Make Up by Flora
This one was done on a whim, as myself and the two fabulous ladies wanted to experiment creatively and flex our chosen trades, I was in fact just the model-face for this one as Saibhy had the creative vision for the fun project.

We were lucky enough to have this featured in XO Magazine, a very cool online zine with so many gorgeous and unique features which I find lots of inspiration from.

I have included all the images from the shoot along with some bonus shots just from you guys because I'm happy and its friday (those things usually go hand in hand).

I hope you like them.

Photography & styling- Saibh Egan Photography
Hair & Makeup- Makeup By Flora
Model- Tanith Rose (known to myself as me!)

We had many a giggle trying different objects to get the right hair-fan effect and settled for a cushion, as far as i can remember.. whoosh!
Some au natural ones to balance it all out.

The infamous Joker

Thank you ladies and gentlemen and goodnight!

I hope you Enjoyed this Flash back,
Peace out,