Thursday, 15 November 2012


Firstly i would just like to say this post is a celebratory one because R.D.I.C has  bought our own domain name yay! 
As Rough Dreams and Ice Creams is a lot to remember you can now search for us at- 

Now I'm so very excited to share this post with you guys 
as it is one I've had under wing for some time!

It's very uncool in a very cool way if that makes any sense at all?! 
And probably one of my favourite editorial posts to date, mainly because it isn't a glossy, high budget, pursed lips kind of shoot you would find in the vogue family. 

The real reason I love it though? It was styled by none other than the little firecracker that is Tavi Gevison, the stubborn baby grandma of fashion. <3 p="p">

Photographey is by the down right awesome Petra Collins. A little info on Petra? 
She is a super, accidentally hip photog with an obsession for gritty 70's inspired photography that will make you swoon and sometimes wince all at once- oh and she is also a contributer to Tavi's magazine 'Style Rookie'!

I hope you thoroughly enjoy it this one as its a little different!

'Dont shave- Misbehave'

I hope you loved it!

Peace out,