Thursday, 30 August 2012


Apologies for the sporadic post updates!!
eeep i am currently in the sherbockles of moving myself and my loved possessions to Dublin City!
Such a delightful conundrum to be in so i won't complain, but it has interfered with R.D.I.C jaunts of late.

Here is my little apology package for you lovelies- its tropical and crispy and a little bit bad ass,
plus its shot in a church grounds which basically excites me as its a bit fun :)

This is also the second edition of my blogger colab with the fine lass Ciara O Doherty from 
Wild Child Stories, we meet up weekly for giggles and photos and get some great images for our blogs in the process!

I hope you enjoy the images and please do give it a little hype if you are on

Goodnight and sleep tight Monkeys

Peace out 

Monday, 20 August 2012


Monday excursions, always a drag. 
Come join me and get yourself happy with some fancy images and a kick ass Viditorial 
(video editorial- see what i did there :) 
This has the master mind and exceptional photographer Greg kadel behind it so you know it will be far beyond brilliant.

The first one is called 
'Party Girls' 
and it has a beautiful video accompanying  it,
if however you are looking for something a little more intimidating- scroll on down to the amazing 
'The Trainer' 
Think of it as a cross between Mad Max and a very glamorous bondage scenario


-'The Trainer'-

Peace out,

Monday, 13 August 2012


Welcome to the stunning, magnificently baroque world of Balmain F12 collection, the bold square shouldered silhouette, combined with decadent materials and a feeling of being smothered in Faberge eggs leave you feeling over indulged in the very best sense.

The house' consistently cool rule of legs OR d├ęcolletage still stands for the Balmain stamp of approval and they have once again inspired my entire silhouette for the season!
Those soft, beautifully coloured leather jackets cant help but be an instant hit, along with the pearl embellished lattice patterns clinging to all manners of velvet and suede.

I have included a little bonus content for you guys at the bottom, showing some beautiful faberge eggs which strongly influenced this collection. They are so beautiful and have a rich and controversial history that i will be sure to share with you at a later date!!

Enjoy and happy Sunday <3 p="p">

That jacket <3 p="p">

I would like this top/ coat very much

How i love this entire outfit <3 p="p">


Love it, definitely trying this one at home 

^The decadence!!^

The eggs of all eggs to follow...
'The mosaic Egg'

'The Rothchilds Egg'

'The Birch Egg'

'Basket of wildflowers Egg'

'The Alexander Palace Egg'

'The Peacock Egg'
The peacock comes out of the egg and can be wound up so it walks around!

'The Pansy Egg'

'The 12 Monograms Egg'

'The winter Egg'

'The Rosebud Egg'

'The Standart Yacht Egg'

'The lilly of the valley Egg'

'The Trans Siberian Railway Egg'

'The Bay Tree Egg'
A little diamond bird comes out of a hole in the top, to much? 
Never according to the guys as all of the eggs are made out of precious jewels, metals, diamonds and pearls and go for around €10,000,000, and were made exclusively as gifts for russian royalty.
Quite possibly the most extravagant and ostentatious thing i will ever blog about, however aren't they lovely?

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as i enjoyed putting it together 
<3 p="p">

Peace out,