Wednesday, 13 June 2012

GANGSTER- You'r not doing it right! :)

A lovely little photo-shoot for you guys which I'm loving at the moment <3

The photographer is the very sexual Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele (check out her work, you will see what i mean ;) )
The crazy ass fashion Editor/Stylist  is Sissy Vian, she's a fucking hero for me!
Finally the amazing hair stylist is Oribe Canales. Isnt the hair amazing?! It really is the wacky cherry on top of this tack-tastic shoot for me and Since its for Japanese Vogue (they get all the good editorials!) you can understand the unrivaled, in your face-ness of this one <3

If that wasn't enough colour and pattern to last you the next decade then why not OD on this next one which is another collection of ridiculously decadent images this time
 Carlyne Cerf is STYLING
Oribe is on hair again 
and the photography is by Sebastian Faena

If you get a chance read ^^^ this ^^^ its a little anecdote on 
Carlyne and the shoot <3

My hair looks like flames and whaauuuhh?

 I think the word bling has been over shadowed- by this image :) what do you think?

Love those Blumarine jackets <3

A totally tasteful one to finish it all off ;) it is late night reading after all 

Goodnight lovelies and sleep tight

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


10,000 baby!! 
stands for the views we have wracked up on the 'ol machine! 
thanks to my lovely viewers and followers and here's to the next 10!

In celebration i have added an extra blog post for ya'll tonight <3 
This sticky little chum is from the latest issue of one of my all time favorite mags Dazed and Confused,
Its styled by the awesome Robbie Spencer- Senior fashion editor for Dazed and its photographed by Ben Toms who is another young male talent who you simply must check out!
and its called 
Elsa by Ben 
hope you like it <3

Peace out

Monday, 11 June 2012


Hello Lovelies
So sorry for my un-announced absence, obligations struck and alas my blog suffered.
But i have brought offerings for my absence.

Today i met the very sweet Ciara O Doherty, fellow blogger from Wild Child stories for pictures and chat <3 We came together with the mutual decision that if we didn't have our own personal photographer at our disposal, we would be resourceful and be each-others!... a few giggles and a sunny day later and Tah-Dah success :) So i think this will begin to be regular thing, which means much more outfit posts and new purchase exclusives for you guys yaay!

Today was a random beautiful day which was the cherry on top, sunny pictures = happy pictures qui? :)

 Little outfit info for you guys-
Sunglasses- Stables market, Caamden
Suede jacket- Stables market, Camden
Frilly cotton shirt- Public Romance 
Spandex leggings-  American Apparel
Frilly ankle socks- Topshop
Suede brogues- TKMaxx
Hair bow and gold hoop earrings both- American Apparel

 I love these ankle sock so much i have 5 pairs!! eeeee

 Old trusty rings, from my Mum and Nana <3

 Nude spike nails for today

 I got this shirt from my lovely home away from home, or as i like to call it work- Public Romance <3