Thursday, 31 May 2012


Here's my photo-shoot i did with my Uncle Xavier while i was in Brighton a few weeks back. 
This was his first 'fashion shoot' so we decided to merge some aspects of a fashion with the character of portraits. This shoot was a lot of fun with Xav as he has got a great sense of humour  but it was also a great experience as he has a keen eye for photography and and a great style that i feel translated brilliantly into this type of photography. 

I hope you like them as much as i do,
Check out Xavs website for more of his photography.

Styling, Hair and Makeup all by- me
photography by- Xavier Itter photography 


Monday, 28 May 2012


 A peek at the finished piece <3

So with a little bout of nostalgia coming on I thought I'd show you a project I did for my second year doing fashion industry practice. This was just one display for the window display module (I had to do two a year and i would say this has to be my favourite module!) It took a lot of prep, research and time (9 hours on the day in my case!) but I just love the creativity and freedom involved when your teacher says 'here's and empty, lit box-you can create what ever scene you would like. The possibilities are endless so it really gives you a chance to flex your own abilities and imagination!

I have included some of my prep work along with close ups and the finished window followed by my inspiration. I hope you like them and if you have any questions about materials or my concept don't be afraid to ask :)

Some mini prototypes for practice  

Converting a cereal box into a giant perfume box 

Chanel chance the home made way

PVC blossoms

Millions of these things made,  I went a little crazy towards the end! 

 Making a tree trunk, hard work as chicken wire is so tough on the hands!!!

...Many hours and rolls of plaster paris later

 I had no brown paint (this is at about 2am). I decided to make do with a mixture of red, blue, yellow and white, not exactly glistening chestnut but it will do.

 Little bit of moss for authenticity


Stormy backdrop on the morning of the project 

Cotton wool clouds 

Clusters of blossoms,
 Honestly if i ever have to make another blossom it will be too soon! 

9 hours later... tah-dah 
Equip with floating bees, falling blossoms, leaf skeletons and a scantily clad lady

 Furry bee among the blossoms

In case you were interested, ill share my inspiration for this project. I was strongly influenced by two particular creations at the time. The first being the wonderful Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and the other a smaller but equally great creation known as Toxic Nature, this is a beautiful and totally addictive collection by the queens of makeup- Illamasqua.

Here are some of the images i used in my mood-boards (which i love but cant find anywhere?! i shall update this if i do come across them)


 Glorious glowing mushrooms

The amazing toxic nature shoot, i love the set, makeup, photography, hair and colour schemes... so basically everything! 

 I love her nails! They are by the 'Visionary manicurist'- Mike Pocock 

So there you have it, my long and winding process through a window display. I hope you enjoyed this more 'creative' post.

Peace lovelies