Saturday, 8 December 2012


Hello there friends,
back from my work exile and settled into my new job, finally here's the photo diary from my work on the stylist team for the Gothic bridal fashion show and expo!
I had an amazing time working with the high energy fashion team headed by the lovely Lisa from
and the brilliant irish photographer Conor Clinch.

The chapel where the show was held 

All of these images are taken with my Iphone so apologies for the bluuur!
The show was held in the stunning chapel attached to the old Kilmainham hospital, we had lots of very early starts (hello 5am mornings), a very busy two days and i absolutley loved the whole thing!
Everything looked amazing and i had so much fun, it was such a great experience.

I have lots of exciting news and some cracking posts coming up to get you in the mood for the festive season in the next few weeks, starting with my first installment of the exciting interviews with some great local designers which I'm so excited to share with you on sunday.
All I will say for now is that the fabulous ethical/ designer boutique 'Sirona' in Galway is a big supporter of all these inspiring designers!

Until the weekend my friends, enjoy <3 nbsp="nbsp">

Details in the expo

7am outside the chapel with the sun rising

The chapel ceiling all lit up for the show

Accessories for the models

Its all about the detail and yes those are apples in the bouquet, how seasonal!  

The main alter in the chapel

Our first face Lauren sporting the demonic make up and Vintage gown <3 p="p">

The underground toilets and cafe, very cosy!

Gots ma'self a complimentary cake pop- score!!
and the stair case the the models area 'LOVE'.

The lovely fashion team Team, 
choosing bridal accessories from one of the designers at the expo.

Some of the Vintage Gowns

Outside the beautiful stain glass window of the chapel.

Models from The Andrea Roche agency ready for the runway.

Lunch with the Lovely Connor Clinch and was a favorite of mine- 
Peppermint tea and green and blacks dark chocolate <3 p="p">

We' Connor and the flawless hair and makeup teams

Chilly evenings.

Some details on the outfits.

Photos at the end of the second day of shows

Details in the expo- that IS a macaroon cake YUM!

Very blurry but dont they look great?!

More details in the expo

A close up of the stain glass in the chapel.

Such an amazing courtyard in the old hospital, on a beautiful crisp morning <3 p="p">

I hope you enjoyed this post,
I have lots more exciting updates for you in the coming weeks,
How was your weekend??

Peace out,