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-Emma Manley- 
Emma Manley is the creative genius behind 'Manley', the fresh and exciting irish fashion house making creative waves. This talented lady has some hard hitters under her fashion belt counting internships with  major labels VPL and non other than the extraordinary house of McQueen and is quickly earning herself a place in the top Irish designers in my book, i was excited to say the least to do this interview and view the new collection which Emma perfectly describes as "totally girly and delicious"

Each season i cannot wait to see what colour schemes, silhouettes and materials Emma is working with to create her next creative vision and i really think you guys will love her as much as i do.

Below is an interview jammed full of awesome career tips from the lady herself along with an exclusive look at the 'Manley' S/S 2012 collection! If that wasn't enough I have also included the beautiful promo video for the new collection, styled by sweet fellow Dublin Stylist and blogger Linda Conway.

I hope you enjoy this one as i absolutely loved putting it together! I think it's possibly my most enjoyable post to date 

Manley presents S/S ‘13 …
Lookin’ For You …

"S/S ‘13 see’s Manley pay tribute to every girls search for love. This mesmerizing collection is bathed in delicate colour and sprinkled with studs.

The collection see’s Manley play with sportswear just like she used to. It adds a lightness to the collection and makes it thoroughly comfortable and easy to wear.

Manley marries fabrics that are somewhat contradictory or perhaps

stand for different things. This season is no different. Metallic

leathers are tamed by beautiful jerseys & wools, while 
perforated leathers are amplified by dispersed stud detailing.

S/S ‘13 see’s a different side to Manley. 

It exposes her girlishness and her endearing naivety, but also, it highlights her infallible enthusiasm to keep searching."

"Thank you so much for talking with me’ – Tanith McGrath"

"Where do you draw your inspiration from?"

Everywhere! I’m not one to hone in on a specific element and base a collection on it. My inspiration comes from a world that I have created. Everything goes into this world, it’s beautiful things I see, gorgeous lyrics I hear, the way a film makes me feel. 
For me, a collection is more based on feeling than tangible objects. Music has a huge influence on my work. Every morning when I get into my studio, the first thing I do is to pick music to go with my mood. 
That mood, during the design process, really dictates the mood of the collection.

"What type of girl did you have in mind when designing your stunning SS/13 collection?"

She’s someone who enjoys the process of getting dressed no matter what for. She takes pride in how she looks and knows that looking good means feeling good. She’s confident, but not overly so. She doesn't necessarily want to stand out, but when she does her heart skips a beat, in a good way! She mixes up designer with vintage and is never a slave to a style or look, she interprets things in her own way.

"How has working with the Alexander McQueen house inspired your creative process?"

McQueen taught me to love embellishment, as simple as. Before McQueen I could admire it, but not totally appreciate it. One of my first jobs was to help sort out the archive, browsing through that massive room filled to the brim with McQueen wonders is a time I will never forget. Getting to see those pieces up close and personal totally changed my views on design. I understood it better and began to approach it in a different way.

"What were your main influences when designing the new collection?"

S/S ‘13 pays tribute to every girl's search for love. Corny? Perhaps. Totally girly and delicious? Most certainly! SS ‘13 really does show a different side to Manley - it's less structured and more mischievous, it’s bathed in delicate colour and sprinkled with studs. All I’m saying is that perhaps the Manley gal has taken off her armour and exposed her girlishness and her infallible enthusiasm to keep on searching and find what it is she’s looking for!

"How do you find is the best way to get past a mental block when working on a creative process?"

If I knew the answer to that sure there would never be a mental block! I have started to see a pattern though and I do try every season to use what I learned from the last season mental block. My rule for SS ‘14 is, when there's a block, get out of the studio, go to a play, see an exhibition, browse a museum, just get the hell 'outta' there.

"What advice would you give to someone looking to follow in your footsteps?"

One thing I know for sure is that obviously talent is something you need, on top of that though, determination, patience and persistence are three things that are a must. Design is a labour of love, you would want to be head over heels about it for it to work.

"Oh and p.s - there is no such thing as 9 to 5 or a five day
working week!"

For more from Emma, you can visit her website here
Manley is also available in the 'sweet' Sirona boutique in galway which stocks all of the wonderful designers featured in my 'Designer interviews' and was also responsible for holding the fantastic 'Sirona Irish Designer showcase'.

Sirona is one of my favorite stores as it is amazingly the only Ethical boutique in Ireland,
I am also extremely fond of Lesley Dunne the creative lady behind this food for thought store and there has been many an evening where i have popped in to escape the torrential weather to have a lovely chat and get excited about new pieces and promising future projects, including some awesome things coming in the S/S13!

 Sirona, 11 Market Street, Galway.  
See or Tel:  091 563 957

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