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-Designer Interviews-

Lisa Shawgi- ‘Lisa Shawgi Knitwear’

Hello readers and welcome to our little adventure through the minds of some ethical and 

totally inspiring Designers from home (Ireland) and abroad. 

I have been so excited to share this with you guys as not only is it an amazing opportunity to 

have a chat with some talented individuals, but also all these great designers  can all be 

found in Sirona Boutique, Galway which is  store very close to my heart and the only Ethical 

boutique in Ireland! 

Sirona even held a Irish Designer showcase and style workshop which saw a collection of 

the stocked designers speak to guest and answer question on the evening. I think this is 

such a lovely personal touch for shoppers to be able to know where their money is going and 

how the  clothes they wear came to be.

I have styled a number of photo shoots and look-books along with the wonderful Lesley 

Dunne, owner at Sirona, including pieces from each of my featured designers.

One of these shoots is featured today!!! In LIFE magazine with the Irish Independent :)

So if you get a chance please pick up a copy and let me know what you think.

I hope you enjoy these interviews as a sunday treat in the coming weeks to christmas, 

See below for all the info on Lisa's design story and inspirations.


Since launching her own knitwear label in 2008, Lisa Shawgi has won much praise among fashion circles and her designs have been described as both ‘distinctive’ and ‘individual’. Her unique approach to knitwear has certainly been inspired by Lisa’s multi-cultural background, as the young designer lays claim to both Irish and Egyptian/Sudanese parentage.
This wonderful marriage of cultures features strongly throughout her knitwear designs; in both the vibrant colours used and the soft and luxurious fabrics that complete each piece. With an impeccable eye for detail, Lisa Shawgi ensures that her creations continue to be innovative and highly sought after with each new collection. Lisa’s current AW12 collection is entitled 'Fatima' and is dedicated to her Egyptian Grandmother.

Camel fine , open lace cashmere and fine lambs wool wrap. €198
Furnace cashmere and fine lambs wool 3/4 length sleeve jumper. €220
Camel cashmere and fine lambs wool textured skirt. €220

Thanks for your time Lisa’ – Tanith McGrath

How would you describe the label LisaShawgi in 

three word?

Gosh, if I would have to describe the Lisa Shawgi Label in three

words, Stylish,Luxurious and sustainable comes to mind.
What type of person do you have in mind 

when designing your collections?

My clients look for style rather then trend. A lot of thought and 

time is put in to the shape and texture of the garment, locating 

the right yarn and a to die for colour story!My customers are 

interested in the history of the product, the maker and the story 

behind it.They appreciate the talent and hard work put in to the 

garment hanging on the rail in front of them. They are interested 

in timeless pieces!

Grey Cashmere and Fine Lambs Wool textured wrap. €120
Grey and Charcoal Cashmere and Fine Lambs Wool patterned Cowl wrap. €180
Henna cashmere and fine lambs wool textured wrap. €120
Magenta cashmere and fine lambs wool textured wrap with fitted sleeves. €280   
Grey cashmere and fine lambs wool textured dress €320

How do you find your rich cultural 

background inspires your pieces?

Having been born and raised in The Sudan until I was 16yrs of 

age, my Mum is Irish and my Dad is Egyptian/Sundanese, I had a 

very interesting and diverse childhood growing up with many 

different expatriates and it is this exposure to a mixture of 

cultures that fuels my creative fire. 

I look at combining the ornate pattern and rich Arabic colours 

with traditional Irish Knitting techniques to create my pieces.

What would be your favorite part of the 

design process, if you had to pick?

Difficult to say, each stage is so different. The excitement 

begins with research for colour stories, shapes and patterns. 

Then comes the choosing of the fabrics and hours of 

experimentation to bring your ideas to life. But I would have to 

say when everything is brought together and styled for the look 

book at the photo shoot, working with an energetic team to 

produce images which capture your vision of the collection is 

definitely an amazing opportunity.

Henna cashmere and fine lambs wool textured wrap. €120
Henna and camel patterned cashmere and fine lambs wool wrap. €180
Navy and henna waterfall cashmere and fine lambs wool cardigan. €298
Magenta and grey patterned cashmere and fine lambs wool full length skirt. €280

Your pieces are so versatile and widely 

approachable, do you have a secret to finding 

the perfect balance between comfort and style?
I guess I always have the thought 'what would I love to make for 

myself and have hanging in my wardrobe' in mind. 

I constantly strive to get the idea across that knitwear can be 

sensual and not just functional. And I always listen to my 

clients and how the piece make them feel.

After great critical acclaim, 

what’s next for the house of Lisa Shawgi?

I think at times I am too cautious and don't venture too far away 

from home, which is now Ireland. But it is now time to take the 

label abroad! 

I would also love to get back to more couture, 

showcase creations! And perhaps look at introducing cut and sew 

garments to compliment the knitwear. 

Lisa Shawgi is available from Sirona, 11 Market Street, Galway. 

See or Tel: 091 563 957

Peace out,