Wednesday, 26 December 2012



I have been a little sick over the christmas which is never fun but I thought I would put together a little festive photo diary for you guys, with all the things I did/ ate/ saw so far for the festive season, along with a little low down of my days in Galway and mayo for christmas eve/ day with my family.
I have also fattened it up with some of my winter outfits and some lovely gifts i received all jammed into this humble little post.

I really hope you guys enjoy this one as it's a lot more personal on my part and i had a lot of fun documenting this very festive post!
Happy christmas my lovely readers to you and yours.

Arriving in mayo on a freezing christmas eve morning to a beautiful sunrise.

Christmas shopping in l'Occitane is alway a pleasure, with complimentary orange chocolates and jasmine tea it is certainly a relaxing experience.

An instagram outfit post just before work (in topshop as you may have guessed)
absolutely loving this one for casual days.

A little peaky but this was my hair and make up for my early christmas with friends in Dublin

Present time in mayo with my lovely sisters

Can you guess what im making?
I made some festive rocky roads to bring to dinner for my Dublin christmas with ginger biscuits, pistachios, cranberries and not forgetting the promiscuous pretzels top top them off!
(would you guys like me to do a HOUSE RULES post for this in the coming weeks?) 

Another winter work outfit, so cosy and light grey is a fav when compromising between classic black and chic white.

I was a lucky girl this year! I got some beautiful gifts along with my amazing Mac Book Pro from my lovely mum and dad which im so enjoying doing posts from! 

Getting excited for christmas before sleep time down in dublin eep

 Me looking happy on Christmas eve in Mayo with the adorable puppy Maisy who is very cuddly and just a bit cute.

some of my gorgeous jackets im so looking forward to wearing-
A very soft faux fur leopard zip up hoody, a pvc/ leopard jacket 
(oh yes thats saucy shit all that leather and leopard) and my crispy gold zip up- what a dazzler!

My mate (and pet) Raja chillin' on the tiles.
In case you were wondering Raja means 'King' in Indian.

More lovely things i got for christmas

My gorgeous baby sister Laylah wearing her new fuzzy we got her, look at those ears :)

Some gifts for my dad- feeling classy.

My gorgeous Italian mate Sara bought me some yummy lush an absolute favorite of mine.

Su-weeet My lovely sister Eve is so creative

Eve the great! happy as pie with her gifts.

Ah my dad knows me so well, 
David Attenborough- my king and childhood therapist and blue planet is just beautiful!

Loving this awesome Camo/Micky jumper complete with studded ears.

My dads lovely 'country chic' kitchen on christmas eve and my mum looking festive in the corner.

A gorgeous sight to behold and all those fuzzy christmas buzz words!
8am before work waiting for the bus, all things shrouded in fog and these guys come trotting up the road look far more picturesque than anyone has any right to be :)

Its all in the detail oh and some artistic blurred edges!

One of my winter outfits on a day off work.

Tiger the Mayo native, totally camouflaged in his natural habitat (a floral arm chair)

Pretty lights in my house in Galway

A belly warm up before the christmas, some things i have been tucking into in december clockwise from top left- Hot mince pies and brandy cream, a seasonal winter fruit salad (with red currents, mango, sesame seeds, banana and hand picked almonds and figs) strawberry cooler with all the fun stuff, cheese/pate board, festive sandwich and coffee on my lunch break and carrot soup and a latte with my mum for lunch after christmas shopping.

Gorgeous exposed beams at my dads house.

Getting cosy at work, it was a freezing day as you can probably tell.

My mantlepiece in galway covered in lovely things like this gorgeous hand painted paper lantern which my mum has been making over the christmas.

Little details clockwise from top left- bath time with the brilliant 'Beedle and the bard' by J.K. Rowling, my delicious christmas dinner of Duck and a beautiful mango/ cranberry stuffing my mum made, my sexy shower jelly that looks like the cosmos, my pride and joy the new Mac BookPro, tinsel time, gorgeous card my mum made with off cuts from the lanterns.

walking home from work, O'Connell street all lite up.

Time to sit down and have some fun with my new toys

Some of my other favorite presents 'A discovery of witches' book, awesome St. Tropez face and body, juicy lip tint and metallic cream shadow and liner and the wonderful Blue planet boxset narrated David Attenborough.

Have your cheeky cake and eat it too.

This is what my christmas morning looked like in galway- cheese board, cracker selection, avacado salad, salmon pate, humus, olives and champagne. 

A little preview of an exciting impending post all about my new feature in Tabitha magazine issue 3!

Stephens day morning looked like this- cherry/ mango/ banana smothies yum!

And that's a wrap,
I hope you guys had a wonderful christmas with your family and friends.
A very merry Rough Dreams Christmas to you from me sitting here in my Rudolf onesie on Stephens day, time to go get spruced up i think.

Peace out,