Saturday, 29 December 2012


Evening to you Rough Dreamers

I bring you a yummy mood post, mildly festive and seasonal in a dark sense, a little rustic and woodsy with sneaky sploshes of dusty pink to perk up the little dream.
This is a post to celebrate the beauty of post-christmas winter which never really gets a look in, so here's to you January, February and March with your moody weather, full of clouds and silver linings.


All images sourced from

 looks promising


cosy... dissolving in a hot bath 

beautiful house, ah but to do a photo-shoot here

 indeed- never ever

strangely beautiful

have I mentioned how much I love fog?!

ooh aah

weirdly comforting  

a little beauty found in the most unexpected places

get messy innit 

 sweeet idea how cute

 Hansel and Gretal's wicked witch doing what she does best

I concur infinitely 

some people pfft




dust in the sunlight is wonderful thing

one of my favorite things to look at- the cosmos

theres that fog again- creepin' around 

 blowing my mind kerpow!

the funniest! Despicable me is so great 

do i prefer dead flowers? possibly...

stunning decay 

that fireplace...

 and here... they seem to be dying again

one of the most exciting things to see in the morning

and relax... i could stare at this for hours

So i hope you enjoyed my quarterly Rough Dreams mood-post, 
these posts are something i take great pleasure in putting together.
I find it completely therapeutic to sift through images coming up with inspiring concepts as I go, forming exciting combinations of beauty and distress that calm my mind, all in a conveniently accidental way.

Stay free,
Peace out,