Thursday, 18 October 2012



This is a shoot i did with the fantastic Saibh Egan Photography at the beginning of the year.
It was something we did for pure enjoyment and creativities sake (Saibh's your girl for those kind of things). I Got to really style for my own ideals in this one and Siabh got to really experiment and flex her photog skills :)

I have published a few of these images but never blogged about them aaand i have included some more never seen before ooooh :)

Below is the great mood board Saibh sent me for this shoot- i think its sweet but eerie? Such a delightful combination.

Model- me of course :)
Photography- Saibh Egan Photography
Styling/ Hair/ make up- all by me.

Above is the beautiful Erykah Badu- 
the inspiration for the make up below :) 
(also Saibhys great idea!)

 Loving the background imagery :)

Now you're just clutching at flowers

 A silly out-take- bit of fun

Net curtains are the new black

 Love 2 photos in one! How can you go wrong?

I really enjoyed looking back at these photos, 
I hope you guys did too!

Peace out,