Thursday, 2 August 2012

KINNITTY CASTLE- Where dreams are made

So on Monday i was unwittingly swept away to Co. Offaly for two nights by my lovely Greg<3 p="p">
We arrived at the gorgeous Kinnitty Castle and needless to say i was extremely excited- a castle how fuckin' cool!? I'm such a lucky girl.
Thanks to Greg i had a lovely break full of !!The Olympics!! (frickin' showjumping and synchronized diving) and fun in a castle surrounded by forest and wildlife, what more could you want <3 p="p">

Unfortunately my memory card For my lovely Canon 500D has broken, so i had to settle for my 4S camera instead.

 Kinnitty castle- delivery day haha :)

A little Instagram on the way there.
On Facebook headed with some corny nonsense about 'is this not paradise, alone and un-tainted' 
meh meh

The entrance along with the quaint little Spa

woods- rainy and green, just how i like 'em

Excitement bubbling at this stage 'I just need to get oooone more closeup Greg' :)

Rrrrrapunzel Rrrrapunzel etc

'Now get one of my outfit aaaand the castle please' :)


poor Greg- accidental photo-bombing

Ahhh the entrance- very castle-like



I would like this armchair very much <3 p="p">
(this isn't my photo, but here is the main dining room)

The green hall

we were in the attic (if you can call it that) of the castle

Love it <3 p="p">

Experiencing high levels of excitement now- derp

Yaay Olympics and awesome room

Eh lack of focus but i want this bed!

not sure about the credibility of this fireplace (: 


Can i also have this chair please?

oh oh and these curtains- they are the best!

The bath is AUS-ome

The beautiful view which i sat and looked at for hours <3 p="p">
and instagramed- always the instagram- 
what a crakpot :)

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Peace out,