Sunday, 5 August 2012


Merry Sunday Lovelies
Today is all about the RAF (nope not the royal air force) this is fucking Raf Simons, genius and creative director extraordinair and the Jil Saunders empire.
His departure from the fashion house (that can do no wrong and churns out trends at a million miles an minute) was very emotional mainly due to floods of tears from Raf and the audience alike following the show, but also because this collection only reminds us of what a beautiful and perfectly complimentary pair Simons and this pristine house are.

But excitement oh the excitement- because the rumor mill is a churning and much to my delight there is  talks on the inside (wherever that is- probably Anna Wintours Vagina) that Raf is closing in on a contract as the new creative director of Christian Dior!

In my opinion this would be a beautiful and exciting combination of modern minimalism meets mid-century luxury (what more could you want) and with Jil Saunders herself said to be returning to her home brand- there really is cause for celebration rather than the flamboyant cries coming from all these distraught blueberries occupying the front row :)

So i really hope you ENJOY this farewell presentation extravagant bouquets and all, just look at those coats and colour schemes! Not to mention the models which look like the holy grial of toned down, polished chic- That hair and make up <3 p="p">


Maybe i should add a pink lining to my Camel coat- then i can be a Saunders girl to :)

<3 p="p">

<3 p="p" swoon="swoon">

"Can i have it in red too?"

Like molten Hubba-Bubba

<3 p="p">

And if you thought it was all a little to sweet heres some black PVC for good measure

Loving the alien-esq take on the elegant, classic stiletto. Perfect contrast to the simplistic feel to the rest of the show <3 p="p">

"If it ain't got neon, It ain't no good"

How did you enjoy this post?
Ill be sure to keep you posted on the Raf-Dior shenanigans also :)

Hope you had an awesome weekend and a lazy ass Sunday for yourselves.
Peace out,