Monday, 23 July 2012


Ambivalent frivolities to you you lovelies <3
I thought tonight- MONDAY -was as good a night as any to share my recent splurge in the Topshop sale in Stephens Green. This what i like to call a 'Tumblr post'- lots of pretty images with little chatter, just what you need to wash away a brain-frying Monday.

More 'Big Bowies' to add to my collection...sigh 

Albus Dumbledore's actual slippers (I lie, they were €4 in Topshop and i fuckin' love 'em)

Beautiful tribal beaded hoops- 
about the size of my head and weigh as much as my cat- just how i like my earrings <3


Ha! score! i nearly bought this awesome top in oxford circus at about £70, 
i got it for €25 and i am SMU-HUG

Sexy ass yellow tie-dye Jamies

A last minute decision, H&M's gorgeous jersey skater dress <3

I'm in LOVE- from my very own Public Romance

yes it is see-through- yes it is awesome- 
and yes i am intending on wearing it as underwear and not as a top.
This is something i have to specify due to my wayward style etc

So there you go a little lazy, a little sexy, and a little Pink and furry.
see ya soon

 Peace out,