Sunday, 22 July 2012


Over due but hey hakunamatata 
Here are some of my favorite snaps from my recent trip to Mojacar in the sunny south of Spain.
I went with my three awesome sisters and my Dad to visit my Nana for two weeks, which was so relaxing and more than a little fun! Although it was unbelievably hot even reaching 53 degrees on of the days, but luckily we seemed to acclimatize after a few days and managed to start functioning normally. 
I hope you enjoy my little gallery all taken with my iPhone4s and are having an awesome weekend <3

This is the BOMB!

 My Nana's street

 Mojacar beach

Beautiful shells in the gift shop (apologies for the blurry image)

The AMAZING menu from the famous Alberto Gelateria

Cafe con leche con nata- killah!

My peach-surprise 

 Alocohol and ice-cream throughout 

part of they're extensive wall of fame in Alberto's

'What i wore'

Beach time on our first day

 Nana's famous pint of Gin&Tonic- the best

The amazing paella 

Mexican night- drinks and nibbles

Margarita's on Mexican night <3

Lulu the rescue puppy and an evening stroll on the beach after the Chinease restaurant  

Alberto's was calling, 
we had 'family ice-cream day' a new and much respected tradition in our household
(the one over-flowing with fruit behind mine was my youngest sisters, of course the biggest ice-cream for the smallest person)


The before and after shots- what a trooper <3 

pool time 

The sun refuses to set

 A night out in Lua, 
during a Sirocco storm (baking hot sand storm straight from the Sahara desert!!)

Cheeky cocktails defying gravity 

Regular mid-night swims of course

We spent the last three days with our Nana's friends Kathy and Peter in a beautiful villa, which was closer to the airport and such a gorgeous location! These friends being the owners of Lulu the puppy.

 Couldn't really capture how lovely this 'Zen garden' area was with my simple camera 

Me and Lulu listening to the fireworks after Spain won the European cup

Some of the lovely features of the villa including fountains and fresh pomegranates 

View from the roof-top terrace on our last night- 
by-by Spain <3

by for now Cats
Peace out,