Tuesday, 24 July 2012


As promised on R.D.I.C's (Rough dreams and ice-creams) brand new FB page here is a beautiful -McQueen Theme- post for you guys. The weather here in Galway has been miserable so i think we all need a bit of beautiful colour and fluffy things in our lives to make us happy huckleberries again <3

This collection is beyond stunning with its bold silhouettes and un-abashed textures, drenched with colour every now and then for good measure (that PINK!). I love this collection as a whole it has an ombre effect- which inspired my new nails for this week! I've added a picture of them at the bottom for ya :)

(All aw12 images from FGR)




This sassy little number and the three cuties below are all made of silk organza and each one has been, wait for it... hand massaged!! at the edges to give it that soft fluffy look. Yano what is a couple of grands worth of a dress if it hasn't been 'hand massaged' before you buy it. No slip of standards in the McQueen household anyway :)


My McQueen aw12 inspired nails <3

As a litttle added extra im going to share the beautiful video of the McQ aw12 show. The atmosphere and creativity are so stunning in motion i couldn't just share the lookbook with you lovelies :)

And finally- 
Slightly inspired by this lovely vid above, some little must haves for the a/w for me taken on my instagram-@tanithmcgrath :)

Levi love! 

Bench dip-dye <3  

FCUK military

There you have it,
The McQueen legacy lives on bold and strong thanks to Sarah Burton and the McQueen spirit.

Peace out