Monday, 11 June 2012


Hello Lovelies
So sorry for my un-announced absence, obligations struck and alas my blog suffered.
But i have brought offerings for my absence.

Today i met the very sweet Ciara O Doherty, fellow blogger from Wild Child stories for pictures and chat <3 We came together with the mutual decision that if we didn't have our own personal photographer at our disposal, we would be resourceful and be each-others!... a few giggles and a sunny day later and Tah-Dah success :) So i think this will begin to be regular thing, which means much more outfit posts and new purchase exclusives for you guys yaay!

Today was a random beautiful day which was the cherry on top, sunny pictures = happy pictures qui? :)

 Little outfit info for you guys-
Sunglasses- Stables market, Caamden
Suede jacket- Stables market, Camden
Frilly cotton shirt- Public Romance 
Spandex leggings-  American Apparel
Frilly ankle socks- Topshop
Suede brogues- TKMaxx
Hair bow and gold hoop earrings both- American Apparel

 I love these ankle sock so much i have 5 pairs!! eeeee

 Old trusty rings, from my Mum and Nana <3

 Nude spike nails for today

 I got this shirt from my lovely home away from home, or as i like to call it work- Public Romance <3