Saturday, 19 May 2012


Hello Lovelies <3

I just arrived home from England on wednesday night, but as i have been so busy working and organizing everything for my 21st birthday next wednesday i'm only now getting to do a little blog post for you guys!

So i thought i would show you all the accessories I treated myself to before my huge-mungus 'what i wore', what i did, what i ate and what i bought posts :)

 Im in love! 
My hair clip from American Apparel. Her name is 'Big Bowie' and she goes with everything!

 After a jammed 2 day weekend in London i realized i bought 3 new pairs of sunnies! Considering Irelands weather temperament, i am slightly questioning my judgement :)

 J'adore! my 'gold plated' american apparel hoops.

 Beautiful Topshop collar tips.

 Fancy trim from a sweet little haberdashery in Brighton, 
I have big plans for these babies so stay posted.

 Cant wait to show you what im doing with this too eeee so excited!

 Beautiful leather off cuts for an up and coming project

A very functional rubber Iphone case just what i needed

 Awesome!! nail paint, pen and jewels. 
These are in topshop for €12 but i got mine in Newlook for €7.99
Yay, bargain baby.

 So many fun ideas for these

 I love these Elegant Touch 'mix it up' nails, but as i wanted mine to be all one colour at a time i went all out and got two packets! That should keep me going for a while :)

Here's how i did mine below...

 Choose the closest size to your nail (you can always file them so they're just right)

 Apply glue to your natural nail and slide your 'fakes' into place.
Easy as pie

The nails come in a soft square shape, but i prefer mine to be ovals so i just filed them to my liking.

I hope you enjoyed the post, 
Im going to a best friends 21st party tonight which is going to be so crazy, i cant wait!
What are you guys doing for your weekend?