Friday, 4 May 2012


YAY...Its Friday
What are your plans? for me if im not going out to get trashed i get very excited about 'blogging and baking'! Yes it is a fake double verb i just made up and yes it is a favorite creepy past time for me!!
Anyway less of the old timer talk, what im really here for is to show you the magic of Origami- although its 400 years old... but this is new shit right here :)

(I dont own any of these images, Mainly sourced from and Google images)

So i have been having a weird obsession with origami at the moment, its just so pretty and although its functionally useless i still seem to have a lingering fascination with it. 
It would seem this interested initially occurred when i was in Thailand as a child, at the tills of shops they would have big plastic drums full of hundreds of different tiny origami animals in every colour of the rainbow- like the ones below. I always spent ages trying to find all the different types- now i feel bad for my mum having to spend half an hour in every shop we went, peering into jars of paper animals.

What a brilliant idea, interior design- origami style!

 I want my room to look like this! 


Awesome lamp shades


The paper crane army cadets

Jazz cat- he's such a cool little body! 

Kinda rustic in a pretty way

Ahhh i kid you not !!

tacky in a tasteful way 

eeee how cute would these be for halloween decorations

 The coolest earrings?

Some awesome origami specs

Finally my favorite of them all, how lovely is this little 'Sky in a Jar'?

Hope you feel a bitta' peace and tranquility now, why not have a go at some origami your self?
I'v just downloaded an origami app and find it all very therapeutic... ;)

Peace out