Friday, 4 May 2012


post for all you cuties, perfect for the weekend.

I came up with this recipe out of necessity due to the fact that no matter the hot chocolate no matter the place i always struggle to finish the cup of goodness without feeling full and a bit 'chocolate-ed out' (a very sophisticated term coined by House Rules). 
I would do it to my self on a regular basis with complete disregard for what was to come, so i put my foot down and did something about it! (you will notice this all sounds a little 'hero speechy' i thought would go nicely with the name) ;)

My solution to de-chocolating a hot choclate? Mint! 
 I decided mint tea would have to suffice (staying within my resources) and i was so pleasantly surprised when it came out so luxurious but still refreshing and light, 
it is with out a doubt my favorite recipe to date

This here be the
'Devine Chocolatey Conception'
A controversial, loud mouthed f-you to the hot chocolates of the past, YAY!!

To make my 'Devine Chocolatey Conception' you will need-

  • 1 Mug of fresh milk
  • 1/4 mug of boiling water
  • 1 Peppermint teabag
  • 1/2 Tsp Vanilla extract
  • 4-6 segments Terries chocolate orange (mine is from the 2 euro shop!)
  • Milk foamer is optional but a cheap and brilliant investment.

 *Bring your milk to the boil in a pan with the vanilla extract

 *Smash your 'Terries C O' up ready for melting mmm

  *Pour around 1/4 of your boiled milk into your milk foamer 
and put some elbo grease into it! -skip this step if you are without foamer :)

 Turns out 'Terries C O' is photogenic 

*chop your little holy segments roughly

 *Add them to the remaining milk in the pan and simmer at a low heat, stirring occasionally
Get that chocolate all melty and lathered up :)

 *At this point brew your teabag in the 1/4 mug of boiling water 

 *once the chocolate has melted pour the mixture into a mug and add your brewed mint tea 
(sans teabag OBV) 
*Pour on your foamed milk and decorate with left over 'Terries C O'.

Finally as is becoming tradition with house rules post you can do a sexy little photo shoot. 
Sinful stuff these frothy-shenanigans.

Dont be afraid to give it a go, you will thank me later i promise!
hope you enjoyed and let me know if you try it...
What do you think?

(peppermint)T <3