Friday, 6 April 2012


For those of you who follow lookbook i thought i would share my latest look with you along with some of my latest urchases/ customizing endevours. 
i recently customized this black velvet blazer while i was at work in Public-Romance and liked it so much i bought it in the end. 
I used round soft spike brass studs to line the pockets and decorate the lapel. what do you think?
To accompany my lovely blazer i used my very most favorite buy of the year! (i know its very early to be saying this) My new Moschino print jeans that i just love! they are covered in  fashionable ducks and tacky sayings like 'I love fashion' purrrrfect <3

here are some close ups of the divine specimens 

This is my customized blazer, the symbol on the lapel is an ankh which is an Egyptian symbol meaning 'Eternal life'

So there you go i hope you enjoyed my little style post,
Happy evening/ morning depending on what part of the world your in :)

peace out