Monday, 23 April 2012

HOLI-The Festival of Colour

So the weekend full of work, fun and fashion is over and it's back to reality so I thought I'd give you a little something to smile about in the form of some pretty awesome images.

I came across an image on a street art website called Street Art Utopia (I'm addicted) and it was a tribute to the Holi Festival of colours.
So I thought what's a more perfect to wake us up from the drabs of this unseasonal, ill fitting weather than COLOUR of course (and people having a lot of fun)!  I'm pretty sure you wont find anything more joyous or colourful than this festival-

Holi is a religious, spring festival celebrated by hindus in countries such as India, Bangladesh, Nepal and many other countries following hinduism, to mark the end of the winter months.
The largest Holi celebrations takes place in the seven holy Hindu cities of India including Barsana, Mathura and also in the North of India and these guys really go all out. The night before the festival begins bonfires are lit, prayers are said and then the madness unfurls!

Everyone gathers together, be them rich, poor, old, young, Natives or new-comers and begin a beautiful and exciting battle full of fun and devoid of rules. Scented powders, perfumes and dyes are tossed and hurled through the air in every direction and colour until the whole area is like an artists palette, it really is an indescribable beauty that I would love to see first hand some day soon.

(i do not own any images in this post unless stated otherwise)

A lovely elephant prepared for the day

Like a sunset of dust and people

I have been obsessed with India and its culture over the last year or so largely due to the fact that my mum has been spending her winters there for a while now and I've twice visited for a few months at a time when I was very young which I always look back on fondly.
So when my mum was coming home this time I asked if she could bring me back some traditional indian bridal jewellery as I think its so beautiful and not exactly easy to get your hands on in my local vicinity!
These pieces are from Pondicherry which is a french colonial area in the south of india (my favourite, southern indian food is the bomb!). Pondicherry really is as beautiful as its name and ill share some of my mums images with you in a future post if you guys are interested? 

Here is the jewellery along with some inspirational images from india, I hope you like them

Broaches and hair grips 

Earrings that hook into your hair as seen in my outfit post here- MOSCHINO-ONIHCSOM 

 My favourite broaches, I generally wear them by the top button of my shirt or on my collar.

Drop hair pendant and more hair-hook earrings 

My matching ankle bracelets, this is a traditional indian jewellery clasp which adds a lovely touch! 

Necklace part of a set with the first earrings 

Earrings and a hair drop pendant 

 An old favourite of mine (I used to wear indian bangles going the whole way up my arms as a child)

 The newspaper the jewellery was wrapped in.

Some pretty images sourced online-

The surprisingly picturesque pollution in the sacred River Ganges, Delhi.

The river Ganges, Delhi

So there you have it, a little culture fest all wrapped up in one un-assuming blog post
Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Peace out