Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Golden Egg

How it be folks <3

As an after thought, i decided i would share my outfit i wore to the fashion inovation awards 
last thursday as it was a little bit fanciful :)

 The Fashion Innovation Awards are an awesome anual fashion show and award ceremony in Galway to showcase and honor some of the best up and coming designers we have to offer.
Anyway i was having a 'wee' meltdown at the beginning of last week trying to decide what to wear to the show and this seems to be a regular occurrence for me when it comes to fanciful events such as this.
I overwhelm myself with all the possibilities until finally something goes pop and then i cant function... :)

That is an exaggeration to some degree but the stress does prevail until i come across something i can shape the outfit around and in this case it was my crazy beautiful twinkly shoes pictured below.

I bought these as they are a clear nod towards the much pricier versions by Guiseppe Zanotti <3 which i originally spotted when i saw Eliza Doolittle wearing them at the Brits last year, i thought she looked awesome!

*Twinkle Twinkle*

Eliza wearing the real deal in turquoise 

Here is a view from the back, 
Eliza got a hard time from the critics about this outfit but i think she looks great :)

A close up of the originals in a closed toe version, they're pretty delicious dont ya think? Maybe one day..

My simple but yummy velvet print tank i wore on the night of the awards.

So sorry for the shoddy image of my skirt 
but its so long its very hard to get a full length image :)
I really love it even though its so simple because of the weight and movement of the fabric and 
THE POCKETS, which i am a huge fan of!

My chosen nail and lip colours for the night, i really cut back on accessories (which is unlike me as im sure you have come to see) and just wore these sterling silver hoop earrings.

 Finally here are some very ORANGE images taken by my BF after the night out as i totally forgot to get a good image before, but ya get the gist ..:)
(you may also notice the silly faces im pulling, i would like to state i am not drunk, my face just doesn't listen to my brain sometimes)

Anywho updates over for another evening, i hope you enjoyed it and your having a lovely evening/ morning, again depending on where you are reading from <3

Peace out