Monday, 30 April 2012


Chello and a merry monday to you,

I had a long and eventful weekend full of road trips, funky shoes, food markets, shopping and giggles so i thought i would share it with you through pictures (as im feeling lazy ).
I went to Dublin to gate crash some friends 12 hour studio session in Temple Lane recording studios, which was all brilliant fun and it was a great excuse to hang out in Dublin for the day.

 Finally arriving in Dublin after an early start (7.30am to be precise)

 En rout to the studio, presumably this would be Temple Lane

 The fantastical food market on the doorstep of the studio

 Waiting for the code, all involved seem excited to say the least!

 Greggy-bread (food names)

 Accidental pretty effect

 Guitars ready to be played 


 Waiting to get started

 Wee Rupert the *Official photographer of the day :)

 Many things i am not familiar with, they look cool though.

 The main mixing desk

 platinum albums recorded in the studio- Snow patrol 

 The Editors

 Keyboard yuminess

 I got distracted by my lovely shoes :)

 *The evolution of man- working hard

 The keyboards point of view

 We should have these in galway!!

 The amazing food market eeee *favorite activities!

 Exploring the lanes on a break

 The most eerie street that ever lived, like something out of a Tim Burton movie

 Randomly stumbled across a  mini reggae festival in the street, this guy even posed for a picture but my camera was malfunctioning-FAIL

 Waiting for broccoli soup for two hours with the lovely Leah <3

picture time YAY, squinty eyes :)

 Greg's had enough of posing for one day

 Messing with camera settings is the best past time 

 Then i got completely preoccupied with pretty lights (to be fair it had been a long day)

 End of day smiles 

 Hard at work finishing up (about 9pm at this stage)

 *Writing last minute verses

 Here's a 'what i wore' for you guys

TADAAAH my new guilty pleasure! I had seen the designer versions but had no idea the high-street would pick up on the trend so fast, so as you can imagine i nearly wet myself when i saw these beauties in River Island, they're real suede and really quite affordable at €55. 
Here are the designer versions from Isabel Marant <3

Apparently they are all the rage in hollywood, i smell a mega trend!

These babies above are from Marc by Marc Jacob but i prefer the I.M suede and Velcro ones personally

A few bits i bought on Friday, I LOVE my ankle socks, they were 3 for €14 in Topshop. The Giles Deacon nail foils were also a great deal, on sale for €3! that little thing in the back that looks like Mr Blobby is a wee bandeaux €2 in Newlook, mega cute to flash under cut-off T's in the summer.

Finally my beautiful little mirror and embroidery hat, which was a steal €3 from the charity shop, <3 it!

A little something to brighten up the week, here's what im wearing today.

That's all from me for now but i hope you enjoyed my little adventure, I'm thinking mayhaps a food post might be on the cards over the next week, it has been so long since we last cooked together! :)

Ciao for now Cats,
Peace out