Friday, 30 March 2012


How it be CATS <3

As promised here is another 'look book'.
This time reigning from Mink Pink- cult favorite of bloggers and fashion junkies alike.
Their look books are always a winner for me due to there fresh, raw and exposed feel combined with that creative flare- it can only be a result from some great minds buzzing away in the beehive.

Here is their SS/12 personal depictions of the latest trends
hitting the streets-

Unexpectedly gangsta :)

Uh hallo brick-a-brack

My favorite of the lovely bunch

Model-esq pout? check
demon-esq Pinata? check 

Loving the creepers with the velvet dress- awesome contrast <3

Banana-phone? why not

I must now apologize for you having to add a bus load of items to your  SS wish-list, but really it is so worth it :)

Peace out