Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sell Your Life, Lookbooks Are Here

Chello my beauties

I must first apologize for my long standing absence from my poor neglected blog.
We have been less of the ice creams
and more of the rough dreams at present 
as my second laptop charger packed it in about a month ago,
much to my dismay :(
and i have been sofa surfing (or the equivalent in laptop terms!)
for the last few weeks.

So with all that cleared up i thought i would bring you some delicious little packages in the form of some of the latest and oh so cucumber cool lookbooks from a handful of mighty spiffy online stores.
I call these guys Soul Sellers as generally the GARMS are so awesome your quite willing to sell your soul to get 'em!

I think i will give you my favorite first- STYLE STALKERS!
which if you haven't already seen is peeeecheeeew-splat or in laymen's terms- mind blowing!
The first thing i thought when i saw this collection of brain porn is 
ahh well now thats very "cool" isnt it.
and yes i know the word cool is so old now its really is nearly retro 
but really this collection is exactly that, effortless and full of attitude just how i like 'em.

a bit funkalicious 

 total awesomeness

Here is the soundtrack for this- 

So there ya go crazy cats
I hope you like them as much as i do.
But remember kids dont sell you soul-just everything else ;)

peace out