Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Happy Pancake Tuesday lovelies <3

How was your day of pancakeness?
Any pancake epiphanies or devine chocolate conceptions? 
With or with out the delicious-religious monologue 
I thought I would share my healthy take on pancakes with you 
as an optional extra after all the extravagancies !

I chose to do little silver dollar pancake 
except i used crepe batter instead of fluffy pancake batter 
so they are light and chewy.

For this recipe to make my 'Tall Order Pancakes' you will need:
  • 12 mini pancakes
  • Plain greek yoghurt
  • 2 Strawberries/ or a whole pack whatever tickles your fancy
  • Runny honey/ golden syrup
  • Pumpkin/ sesame/ sunflower seeds to decorate
(you can also use toasted nuts instead of seeds and any fruit
if your looking for a bit of adventure in life)

* Here are my lovely toasty pancakes getting a suntan.
(2 lots of six is better than over-crowding the poor little buggers :)

* Chop your strawberries into generous slices
while your pancakes chill out for a while 
(or cool down in non pancake talk)

 Now its time to build your tasty towers
* On a plate place a pancake with a dollop of yoghurt.

* Then add some pieces of strawberry,
cover with another pancake
*Repeat process until you have two towers of six pancakes

* To decorate add last of yogurt and fruit
and generously cover with honey and seeds/ nuts

And this is what you will end up with-

Mmm... drizzly

An artsy close up- 
I know total food porn right?

I also thought you would like my favorite healthy breakfast treat 
since it seems fitting with the whole 
in fine fettle (meaning in good health) feeling of this post.

This is 
strawberry granola 
with greek yoghurt and fresh mango
and it is thee BOMB!

No recipe for this one just slap it all together
and see what comes out as its always scofable,
and you can add different fruit depending 
on your taste/ mood.

(mine has a a dusting of icing sugar for sweetness)

Anyway thats Pancake Tuesday done for another year
but i think these recipes are good any time
what do you think?

Hope you like
Bye for now Hoi Polloi

Peace out

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hey presto

Hello my Hoi Polloi
This is an affectionate term I have taken from the greeks and transformed into a positive saying 
which means us folk, the masses or the people)
after all if it wasnt for you where would the world be?

So Greek formalities aside
i thought i would share my latest adventure with you
which so happens to envolve 5 minutes, a life time friend and a delightfully accommodating wall

Put these together and what have you got?
Byrons very cool character canvas 
which portrays his friends in a raw and stripped back sense
combining personality with lots of fun

For all these images and more from this sequence
check out 
(i know, i know that sounds awesome)

Bye for now
awesome people
im off for some wine and rice cakes


Sunday, 5 February 2012


As I am always watching cooking shows and experimenting with recipes at home 
I thought I would share some of my successful recipes with you so you can try them at home 
if you feel so inclined ;)

This is my Dreamy crostini recipe 

(im thinking the recipes should have awesome names to make a good first impression)
I have chosen this as my first recipe because its so easy to make, 
you can change the quantities easily depending on the number of people you catering for 
aaand of course because there so delicious you will be everyone favorite person
(which is always splendiferous) 

so to begin you will need the following ingredients
to make 12 Crostini
  • 6 slices of bread (brown or white or a tiger loaf like mine- the possibilities are endless!)
  • butter (about a tablespoon) -melted
  • half a small block of brie (I have used President brie which is very affordable)
  • red jalapeño pepper relish (varying amount depending on taste)
  • and finally some shelled walnuts -about 2 handfuls
(I'v had many a friend claim to dislike nuts and then polish these little beauties off) 

*First i slice my bread about a 1/4 inch thick 
but if your using sliced bread you can ignore this step

* Flatten your bread with a rolling pin (or the Jalapeño relish a la me)
* Then use a biscuit sized scone cutter to get nice frilly circles
(you should get two bread discs per slice of bread)

* Melt your butter in a pan 
* Using a pastry brush (or an unused paint brush yano whatever)
coat your 12 discs with the melted butter

* Mould your bread discs into a muffin tin using your fingers 
* Put under the grill (100 d) for about 2 minutes
(keep a close eye on them as they cook very quickly!)

* When your bread has gone golden and crisp remove from grill
* Cut your brie into 1 inch size chunks or as big as you like
and use one piece per crostini, 
* Then put them back under the grill until the brie begins to melt

* While your brie is melting under the grill put your walnuts in a dry pan to toast them
* Take them off the heat when they begin to brown and you can smell them toasting

* Remove the tray from under the grill 
* Now that your brie is lovely and melty 
its time so start building your crostini

* Cut out some mini bread discs with the smallest scone cutter from the set in advanced
and followed the method used to make the larger discs 
(i made mine from the left over bread)
* Place them in the centre on top of the melted brie 

 * Next ad smaller chunks of brie on top 
and put under the grill to melt

* Finally add a blob of Jalapeño relish on top of each of the crostini
(I love spice so i added a generous amount)

* To top these babies off i chopped the walnuts down the centre
and placed two pieces on each...

And this is what you end up with

Look at them sitting there without a care in the world 
none the wiser that they will be devoured shortly...

So there you have it
My Dreamy Crostini's
crispy, delicious and begging to be eaten

I hope you enjoyed my little cooking tutorial
theres lots more recipes where this came from 
so if you enjoyed it please let me know

peace out