Monday, 23 January 2012

Restful Thoughts


So i just thought i would do a little update 
as i'm down in the lovely Castleknock hotel for the night
as a little last minute treat.
Its such a lovely area with lots of wild life and amazing food
so you can really relax and wind down

Here are a few images of the hotel for you
in case your looking to go on a little mini break
or like me just love checking out different hotels online :)
let me know what you think...

Wheres my free champagne? Similar to my room minus the bubbly fun <3  

view from the golf course 

The entrance 

The park resteraunt  

 The Lime Tree bar

 The hot-tub looking out on the golf course pond 

The cosy foyer 

Talk soon cutie pies 

Lv. T. x