Friday, 20 January 2012

KC Peaches delight

Hello all

So sorry for the long absence dear people,
I migrated to dublin for two weeks to do a make up course in 
LA Makeup academy
which was completely amazing!
A lovely little blog post to follow shortly
on all my make up looks over the two weeks.

But for now ill share some pictures of my leisure time in dublin 
which include my newly discovered and ultimate favorite eatery of all time.

Its a beautiful rustic place 
that brings you right back to the brilliant simplicity of food 
combined with the great idea of self service. 

But the best part of all this is that you really feel 
like your in the best food market of your life and you can try a bit of everything.

Just choose a box size (S, M, L)

and cram it with as much food as you can 
depending on what takes your fancy that day!

 A small section of the huuuge sandwich filling bar

The hot food area 
which also has the most amazing soups including rustic tomato and mature cheddar 

 Some of there gluten free cakes

Their cake selection that day 

 Gorgeous little individual desserts

Downstairs are the much talked about wine caves which serve a wide selection of wines accompanied by tapas style dishes of your choice, fondue for the cheese lovers and a great selection of desserts.

Heres my dinner box packed with all my favorite food mmm.
I choose a large one from the salads department but there was so much I had trouble finishing it.

They also do amazing fair trade coffee which is ground locally 
(they even tell you the name of the person and the date it was ground)

Heres my lovely friend Cayla enjoying her fairtrade coffee 
and her dinner box of goodness :)

Next time your in Dublin 
be sure to check them out 
I went to the one on nassau street which is their new branch.

Hope you like
and it was worth the wait,
let me know your thoughts.

peace out muffins