Sunday, 29 January 2012

Inspiration, Inclination

Hello all

Just thought i would share 
a few random inspiring images with you to get those brains kicking

The amazing Corinne Day never disappoints 

I would very much like to live in this picture. <3 

I absolutely love this image 
for me the colours and the silhouette are so fresh

As you may have guessed 
this is a lovely piece from Nick Knight

 A great image of Coco Rocha enjoying her daily floral bath

This dainty piece of cake and the one above are by the AH-mazing Tim Walker
there will be a lengthy blog post on him shortly...

 'Sasha" by Mario Testino 
Such an enchanting innocence to this shoot <3

Linda Evangelista by Pierpaolo Ferrari 
for W magazine

'Up-town and Down' by Mario Testino
with Freja Erichsen the great!

So i hope you like them and feel
Even though i am beginning to dislike that word 
as it is so over used and when i typed it into the thesaurus to be
 'inspired by words'
this is what they gave me

Main Entry:inspired
Part of Speech:adjective
Definition:seemingly moved by supernatural powers
carried away, divineecstaticexaltedfired,guided, 

So i hope you were 
'Seemingly moved by super natural powers' 
(of fashion photography)

Ciao for now
(that rhymes and sounds good- stumbled on a keeper!)

<3. x